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Age of Conan: Exclusive Q&A, Part One

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Terri Perkins of Funcom sits down in the first half of a two part Q&A to discuss "Age of Conan" the upcoming licensed MMORPG offering from Funcom; the folks who brought you Anarchy Online.

image Graphically, Age of Conan is among the most beautiful games I’ve seen. Can you tell us a bit about what type of computer will be needed to run it and the theory behind your game’s art direction?

Terri Perkins: We don’t yet know the requirements and recommendations for computers to run Age of Conan, this will take a great deal of testing and we’re just not there quite yet.

Thank you for the nice words about our art! Funcom is truly blessed to have some of the most talented artists in the world and the art is definitely awe inspiring. The theory or goal for our art is to make it look and feel as if you were there. This type of beauty brings forth a magical realism that is stunning. Technology advances coupled with such artistic talent as we have contribute to this. I think that most who have seen portions of Conan at this point state that it’s the most beautiful game they’ve this genre.. Eye candy doesn’t do it’s a visual euphoria.

You can read the full article here.

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  • ajaxxajaxx fairfax, VAPosts: 476Member

    Great interview, sounds like these guys are intent on making a true dark fantasy game. Crom would be most pleased::::28::

  • Jade6Jade6 HelsinkiPosts: 429Member

    Based on what he said and what I know about Conan's world, this game is going to take violence (and possibly sex) in computer games to a whole new level. And we all know that this is a combination that sells. Great graphics, but the solo-friendly attitude concerns me, because usually it means that people will be clueless about group play later on and the community has way too many l33t people in it.

    I wish they would get licence to combine some elements from Michael Moorcock's "Stormbringer" into this game. I mean, the genres kinda match, and there has never been a fantasy saga as dark as that one. Somehow I just feel that Elric - and his demonic soul-eating sword - would fit into this world.

  • Lunar_KnightLunar_Knight Portland, ORPosts: 292Member





    Screw it, I can't do it...

    Funcom better make this game...or I'll give them such a pinch!


    ...but time flows like a river...

    ...and history repeats...

    -Leader of "The Fighting Irish" in DAoC on Hib/Kay-

  • RamblerRambler Tel AvivPosts: 6Member

    Originally posted by Lunar_Knight

    Funcom better make this game...or I'll give them such a pinch!

    funcom have anarchy online as a basis for their new games, ao still popular but going down, for them it more like they do a new game or they can close theit business.
  • trajan22trajan22 washington, DCPosts: 91Member

    funcom have anarchy online as a basis for their new games, ao still popular but going down, for them it more like they do a new game or they can close theit business.
    FC also had Dreamfall: The Longest Journey being released for xbox and windows next year which will probably be very successful.
  • TinybinaTinybina Boondocks, TXPosts: 2,130Member
    Goodness I just cant wait for this game...I just hope it brings with it PVP with a  purpose, one where you can effect the game world like AO did... And I hope the stay away from the mistakes that AO made like that Expansion Shadow lands.. Listen to the community this time Please Funcom...

    You see, every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with their surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You spread to an area, and you multiply, and you multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.-Mr.Smith

  • LuckyDuckyLuckyDucky Seattle, WAPosts: 267Member Uncommon

    Oh boy, the promise of outstanding art work in a fantasy environment sounds inviting! The M rating is also intriguing.

    After months of WoW I am ready for something a little darker and mature.

    "The Pen Is Mightier Than The Demo"

  • RazorbackRazorback OutbackPosts: 5,253Member

    Yes amazing as it seems, it loks like Funcom are actually on the right track.... I agree with "must not get my hopes up" I did that with AO and it basically made me hate Funcom for years... That interview was excellent and it really said what I was wanting to hear.

    "We dont want to water down the game for ratings", "we want to make it like REH wanted the world"

    Please Crom let it be true!image

    "MMOs, for people that like think chatting is like a skill or something, rotflol"
    "Far away across the field, the tolling of the iron bell, calls the faithful to their knees. To hear the softly spoken magic spell" Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon

  • GhefiGhefi tbgPosts: 5Member

    oh my holy god.. this game will rock :)

    my oh my, I love the rated Mature part

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