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heart-felt condolences

spydermr2spydermr2 Sycamore, ILPosts: 336Member

While I am not among those who enjoyed AC2 (yes I tried it, yes I bought Legions hoping for something more), I cannot let the passing of any MMORPG go without expressing my condolences for those who did play it and enjoy it.

I think that Turbine would be well-served to come up with a free transition to AC1 or something like it for the faithful who put time and effort into AC2 (though they are not, even remotely, the same game). At least it would be something, some gesture acknowledging their fanbase. Or a swap for people who bought Legions to get the AC1 expansion instead. Something other than "sorry, try to return it to the store" which seems to be the message they're giving out.

To all of you who did follow AC2 to its impending demise: my sympathies, and hopefully you'll find other MMORPGs that will sate the style of play/interest you have.


  • ClassicstarClassicstar rotjeknorPosts: 2,687Member Uncommon
    If they do nothing it will be a very negative reactions to turbine for years people will be talkking negative about turbine then i know hundreds have bought legions and to hear few months later its over :(

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  • FireburstFireburst SeafordPosts: 200Member Uncommon

    They handled the whole situation very poorly :(

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