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The Chronicles of Spellborn: Exclusive Q&A and Two Screens

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Barry Hoffman of Spellborn International drops by to answer a few of our questions. This is part one , with the second half of the interview appearing next week. There are also two exlcusive screenshots.

image Many references have been made to "puzzles" which "unlock" doors in the game. Are you talking about puzzles along the lines of the Myst series? Could you elaborate on what we can expect of these "puzzles"?
Barry Hoffman: Our subtitle already says it all: ‘What lies hidden must be found’. It is not so much about physical puzzles, but exploring mysteries, lore and background. Solving the riddle what has happened in the past and you will see the present world in a different manner as parts of the world get more meaning for the player. And by knowing history the player understands what to do next or gets access to new parts of the world.

We envision our world not as the biggest world to explore in miles of walking, but more in what is to be found out about the world.

There will be much interlinking in the game through time and space for both individual and groups.

Click here for the full interview.

Dana Massey
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Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • disstressdisstress Houston, TXPosts: 417Member

    wow, I'm very impressed by the graphics and so far, with the direction they are going

    hopefully with the whole "skill set" thing, they won't end up making a game where you macro to get higher skills or stick a penny in your keyboard to keep the 3 button pressed so your lesser heal gets cast over and over thereby making it stronger or your "magery" stronger

    ferentus is a skill based game and 90% of the time im on it i am AFK with a penny stuck to hold down the 3 button to level my buffs

    irth is also skill based and i would get a low damage weapon and go wack away at a monster that the weapon wouldn't hurt so I could just level my axes/swords/dagger/unarmed or whatever--i'd get mad when i actually killed the monster because I couldn't just watch my movie or vacuum or something

    anyways I'm sure they won't read this, time to find out if they have a forum :D

  • ScampyScampy LeidenPosts: 29Member

    looks promising, I'm really curious as to how the skills will actually work ingame, the mechanism itself and ease of use. For the rest, so far, ::::28::

  • voidburnvoidburn cortonaPosts: 3Member

    A good and well tested, exploit free (either technically or purposefully), skill system is definitely the way to go to avoid cloning EQ or WoW. I really look forward to have an insight into the skill system, and then into the combat system.

  • lunatislunatis Ste-Foy, QCPosts: 258Member

    This game will be amazing!

    The design seems between Lineage2 and WOW, the gameplay seems logical, devs are working hard to make this game a sucess!

    Have a look at their website ;)


  • bakon2bakon2 northern, CAPosts: 123Member

    yah, sounds like its going to be good. defineatly going to be watching this one.

  • disstressdisstress Houston, TXPosts: 417Member

    I checked out the website and I highly suggest that anyone that thinks the screenshots are intriguing check it out as well. Lots of great discussions on the boards there as well and lots of DEV input and just general goofing around with other members.

    Oh ya, the scrolls rock, even if you don't like the idea of the game you should check them out.

  • Mikey0114Mikey0114 LijaPosts: 310Member

    Already love the lore...took notice of the developers being aware of current MMORPG problems and tending to avoid them and the fact that they tend to make this game interesting and fun for the PvE and somewhat the PvP community aswell. Love the ideas and the screenshots I've seen till now, nothing really WOW, but the environment and setting is there...and thats what I love to see in games.

    One thing puzzles me a lot though, and I can't stop thinking about it....what type of system is there for the character advancement system. Level based (like FFOnline) or Skill based (like UO somewhat). At first I was under the impression of it being skill based, because they specified we are able to make our own individual fighting style for our avatar. But then the skill decks come to mind, and don't you need some sort of leveling for that....also the fact that the devs mentioned leveling atleast once in the Interviews (part 1 or part 2).

    Its just, I hate PvP in a level based games...actually I really hate level based games. They seperate you from your friends (example: WoW) untill you finally get to their level, and you are either forced to make new friends or go the lonely way and experience the game alone, untill you finally get to their level. I myself am a casual player, and so I hate spending so much time attempting to level by either MOB grinding or Quest griding....really ruins the game experience. The worst biut is that in PvP if you end up fighting a lvl 60 and you are lvl 55, you probably don't stand a chance. The guy has more skills then you, he has more health then you. And the bit I hate the most is this: Miss, Miss, Dodge, Block, Miss, Miss, Doge, Hit (enemy has 5800/6000 hp left) and while attacks you, its like hit loose a 1000, hit loose a 1000....well obviously everyone knows I am talking about WoW. Only great place to do PvP combat in that game is in Battlegrounds, but limiting it to just the battlegrounds would have been sad.

    Anyway, shed some light on my thoughts please, if you have any good knowledge on this game. Thanks! By the way, the gameworld in the trailer looked totally amazing. I am truely impressed.

  • KlitroxxxKlitroxxx KabulPosts: 2Member

    Originally posted by Mikey0114
    At first I was under the impression of it being skill based, because they specified we are able to make our own individual fighting style for our avatar. But then the skill decks come to mind, and don't you need some sort of leveling for that....also the fact that the devs mentioned leveling atleast once in the Interviews (part 1 or part 2).

    Well, for what I understand of the skill system is that you need to combine your skills in a skilldeck in such a way that you will get the maximum benifit out of them. This means that you would be able to kill a lvl. 60 character with your lvl 55 character, not because you own a better 'Grand Mauler of the Bear with 25 mega-enchantments' on them, but by thinking and by experimenting with your skills. In a way you could say that you have to learn different playing styles for different skill combinations, or you will lose against low level chars! Which seems like a very cool thing to me!

    Anyone got another opinion?



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