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niksm80niksm80 ft. bragg, NCPosts: 17Member Uncommon

i had a question about rome you had to be a citizen in order to be a soldier and a soldier in order to have your own estate/property with associated servants, workers, minions....will GnH encorperate the social classes into the game and will there be ownership?!....i the possibility of having my own house, villa, farm!....

is that too much to ask?.....swg has different size estates, just wondering if its going to be possible





  • arvainisarvainis Zeeland, MIPosts: 548Member
    You will not be able to own an estate, villa, etc.  Rather you have a basic camp when you begin.  They say it will be a lot like the housing system in UO.  You will have a small public area of camp and an instanced part in which you can invite friends into.  As you grow in power (levels) you will gain minions for your squad.  When they are not fighting with you they will remain in camp doing what you ask them to do.  Also as you gain levels you will be able to expand your camp, as to what exactly we're not sure as the devs are pretty tight lipped about it.  Also where you place your camp will have an effect on what you are able to do in it.

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