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Hero's Journey: Exclusive Q&A #5, Screen #16

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

We're back - as we are every Tuesday - with some brand new Hero's Journey content. This week Game Designer Aaron Standridge answers five questions from our community and Staff Writer Jon Wood, while we also carry our 16th week's exclusive image.

image [Anwar]: Can you tell us a little bit about how you are planning on balancing group play with solo play? Will playing solo be a viable option at higher levels?
Aaron Standridge: Being almost exclusively a solo player myself, this is always of primary concern to me in any new game I check out, and this is one of the main reasons we’re going with an instanced design. Instancing quest areas allows us to easily provide a more personalized experience, both in terms of story and gameplay. To that end, we’ve built this absolutely incredible dynamic quest system that scales on the fly to provide challenging and engaging gameplay to groups of players of any composition, from a single low level player to a party of seasoned veterans armed to the teeth.

Of course, there are designs in place to ensure that groups work well together, and that it’s worthwhile to team up with your buddies, too. And, as mentioned previously, it’s still possible to seek out wandering monsters in common areas, and these will be perfectly happy to knock you into next week if you show up underpowered and alone.

You can see the picture and read the Q&A here.

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  • RupardRupard Detroit, MIPosts: 57Member

    I think groups and buddies are a good idea, I like groups, big groups, of course sometime you can get tired of the poeple in your group so it can be a relief when you can do it with just a buddy, buddies are good too, of course I can be pretty picky about my buddies, unless where in a group of course..... So in conclusion, Group Action is ok in my book

  • ChiboJChiboJ Springfield, MAPosts: 11Member
    Definitely, looking good.
  • apocalanceapocalance Jacksonville, FLPosts: 1,073Member Uncommon

    Hero's Journey! I'll be watching you!!!!


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