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CrazyjomoCrazyjomo Acworth, GAPosts: 2Member

i kno u guys havent played yet, but u might still haev the information i want. To make me wanna get this game, i really wanted greek mythology, but roman is fine. I want a better leveling system then World of Warcraft (i cant get past lvl 26 without grinding pointlessly). I would like to see mounts such as horses also. I always get bored with every MMO ive played (SWG first, Then WoW, then FFXI, back to WoW), i want to kno if this will bore me like the others. Please do not flame if any of this sounds stupid. Any help is greatly appreciated

EDIT: Also, i suck at MMO's, will this still be a fun experience?



  • arvainisarvainis Zeeland, MIPosts: 548Member

    We're not sure on any of the questions you've asked as the Dev's are pretty tight giving out info.  Not sure on the levelling system.  There are a ton of quests but usually you end up having to grind in any game.  They said there are going to be mounts for traveling.  Fighting from mounts may come at a later date after the game goes live. 

    I know exactly what you mean about getting bored with MMO's.  I am pretty excited about this game and am hoping that it resparks my interest in MMO's.  Log onto the forums on the official site the community is pretty cool there.

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  • CrazyjomoCrazyjomo Acworth, GAPosts: 2Member
    ty for info
  • bryangbryang marietta, GAPosts: 6Member

    They said that there will be mounts and teleportation. As far as mounts go, they even mentioned chariots. Although I cannot promise you will not have to grind, they have said, and almost bragged about having 1,200 quest for each player at the launch. I play WoW too, and I got to max level, and I think I might of only done half of that. They are really stressing the game content as well.

    On the mythology subject, the Romans just renamed all of the greek gods. It's almost the same thing. They do have different Heroes however, like Achilles wasn't very popular in Rome, but was in Greece.

    Hope this helps.

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