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Well once I got bored with wow I started DAoC and am having a blast. But then my friend gota accused of ninja looting in his guild so he quit now because theres nothing left for him in wow. And also my other main gamer friend slowy drifted away and is done forever. Except I have one gamer friend but he's an idiot and thinks ganking is the greatest thing ever. So my friends started playing EQII which one was already played before but left for wow. My friend told me that they started playing and the first thing that came to my mind was to buy the game with these EB games cards i got for my birthday day.. but they didn't have it. Then I read a bit and from what I found you need to be grouped mostly because the soloing you can't be healed at all. So I wanted to know if it is still fun to play and if there is maybe a certain class that heals and kills(maybe not because my friend told me to be evil in the game :/) and also if the server Unrest is ok because thats the one they play on.


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    It's a fun game. One of the best out currently. However, if I were you I'd download the trial version and see if you can get decent frame-rates on your PC with it before I'd run out and buy it.

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  • Trigget4kTrigget4k 205 lambert road, CAMember Posts: 45

    Ok I'm going to download the trial right now, so if anyone can answer the other things..

  • Trigget4kTrigget4k 205 lambert road, CAMember Posts: 45

    Well 5h and 50 mins until blast off. I'll let it download while I sleep. Night. Btw is a scout an ok newb class, then predator---> then assassin?

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    If you go into EQ2 you can read all about what to be and how on the forums.  however

    From what I see on MY server assassins are way over played. I guess it depends on how you see your character at the end though, and if you like looking at peopls behinds all day (Assassins main view)


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    Class all depends on what you want to do. I play a Fury in the game which is a variation of a Druid that does damage spells, lots of group heals...but mostly it is a damage dealing priest. :) I can tank groups of giants and have fun doing it with DoTs and such. One thing to remember...this is NOT dont need to race for 50 and you should take your time between each level and do the quests that interest you and let you explore more of the game.
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    Not worth it - go back to bed :)

    Note: PlayNC will refuse to allow you access to your account if you forget your password and can't provide a scanned image of the product key for the first product you purchased..... LOL

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    i would wait for the expansion pack because everything is gonna change in EQ2...again
    take alook at their forums and readup you will see alot whining but theirs information
    to be found thats for sure and judge for yourself.

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