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shadowbanershadowbaner Fort Walton Beach, FLPosts: 16Member
Should I purchase DOAC or is there another game u could tell me about that is good plz?


The Realm Online: 32 warrior 22 wizard

ShadowBane: 45 ranger 58 priest


  • ShelkShelk Posts: 66Member Uncommon

    If you like spending hours on a leveling treadmill and class choices that will make you feel more restricted than being a quadriplegic, not to mention a joking stab at PvP, then go ahead and buy it.

    A few big titles are going to be released in the near future, WoW, EQ2, Horizons.  It might be worth your while and money to wait and see which (if any) rise above the fecal slag heap that has become the MMORPG industry.


  • redtigerredtiger washington, DCPosts: 124Member
    There are a lot of new options to look forward to in the coming months. if you can wait that long. Some of the ones mentioned look promising like Horizons and WoW (definitely). check the boards there's plenty of info and opinions out about them all :)

  • FlemFlem BrisbanePosts: 2,822Member Uncommon
    Yep, better off to wait for one of the many good looking mmorpg's coming. No point starting up an old one now.

  • lyonman24lyonman24 reno, NVPosts: 855Member

    Skelk you have to remember ALL games out there are a treadmill either xp or skill so anyone using that tired excuse for putting down a game they didnt click with doesnt make it a valid reason not to own daoc. i hate seeing that as a excuse for everyone to use a a reason not to buy anygame. DAOC is a good game if its your style but you will never know until you try it as I spent 50 dollars on SWG found out i didnt like it and bam that easy test it for your self and see. i by no means am rich but i save and play. same went for shadowbane bought it waited a year for it within 2 weeks i quit wasnt my kind of game. So for everyone putting down all these games dont put it down just because it didnt work for you. let ppl work it out for themselves. i hate these ?'s "whats the best game" ok to everyone there is no best game period there are games that work out for certain ppl you will never get a truly honest answer until you play a game yourself.



            Sorry just got off working all night. lol

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