Gara the Unbreakable Warrior, Manipulator of Glass - Warframe Videos -

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imageGara the Unbreakable Warrior, Manipulator of Glass - Warframe Videos -

The Warframe team has posted a new trailer to show off Gara the Unbreakable, the so-called Manipulator of Glass. The video shows Gara fighting in the new Plains of Eidolon location, taking out enemies with wide AoE attacks and more.

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    Gara, our new Kazekage.

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    IDK it looks a bit OP,are they selling this in a cash shop or something?I can't imagine multiple players using some of these abilities,the game would be broken.
    I am finally about to try this game out,been a fan of DE awhile now so i'll give it a look.If i see p2w anywhere,my stay won't be long,we will see.

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