I Hate This Feeling

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I'm missing EVE right now. Been gone since January (I think), because of work.

Been dorking around in Star Citizen. I'll check it out again in 10 years when it releases.

Been playing Secret World Legends off and on. I see less people each time I play but still a few things I would like to finish up.

Thinking about coming back to EVE just to mine for the chill and watch null chat drama and shenanigans. Already downloaded and checked out the F2P. My old corp disbanded. Don't understand the new skill system. Wouldn't even know how to fit a skiff for null mining if I wanted to.

Population drops by half around 8PM my time which means the majority of players are in EU. Plus, as I mentioned, corp disbanded. Should I been concerned? 

Probably going to leave again as soon as SWGemu or SC releases. Or work might get crazy again.


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    Did you try Elite Dangerous already?
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    I haven't checked in EVE since last Dec, but my guess is you are still seeing 10 to 15K logged in at your time zone which means there still are many players for you to interact with.

    Search the EVE Recruiting forums for a Corp specifically in your timezone and they'll even be able to sort out any ship fitting confusion you may have.  

    You won't be able to do it as a free player however,  well not if you plan to mine in a Skiff.

    I've been considering a return myself, still looking for what it is I want to do this go around. (Definitely not mining)

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