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MMORPG has been my goto site for gaming info for about five years. I still check in almost everyday.  But I am starting to wonder if I ought to be looking at other sites too.

So I am looking for recommendations for decent review sites.  My dream site would focus on PC games, I am not at all interested in console or Mobile games, heavy emphasis on MMOs, and good neutral reviews. Anything come to mind.

And NO before you start I am not trashing MMORPG, just looking for some variety.


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    What about PC Gamer?
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    I believe PC Gamer requires a Paid subscription for game keys. But thanks for the suggestion.
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    AUNE2018 said:
    Hmm! Will actually work if the game is quite famous. :) But yeah, they have features for Game Reviews. 

    @Wylf I'm interested to see your game reviews. May I know which game are you focusing into now? :)
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