Launch class?

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Just curious what everyone is planning on playing at launch.  If you're undecided, what classes and sub-classes are you hoping to try out in the upcoming beta?

Personally, I never had a chance to play Destiny 1 so my choice of class is solely based off liking what I've read.

I believe my main class will be a Warlock, but not sure which direction i'll take him.  I also like the Titan and am leaning towards the Capt. America shield thrower.  Seems like it could have some really interesting combos with the other classes.  For some reason I don't have much initial interest in the Hunter.  But I think I'll play him first in the beta to see how that class plays.  
The Guardians!
  1. Preferred Class!36 votes
    1. Titan
    2. Warlock
    3. Hunter


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