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So I got an email this morning "Report for duty porkpie - Steam is coming!"


Cornered Rat Software is pleased to announce that we are about to release World War II Online on STEAM! Thousands of new users will be joining our ranks and we are calling YOU our veteran soldiers back to the frontlines!


Steam Release Plan

Starting on September 1st (through November 31st) you will be eligible to unlock your personal thirty (30) day PREMIUM ACCESS to WWII Online! You will be able to play absolutely free and all users both veteran and new Steam users will be placed into the same Campaign server, creating a very populated environment all across the globe.

Our Production team is preparing new vehicles and weapons for the game and our development team actively knocking out bugs, there has never been a better time to return to the WORLD AT WAR!

We are calling all of our troops back to the greatest online re-creation of WWII ever created! Population will rise dramatically, new content is underway, and CRS is under completely new leadership.

Grab your gear and report to your Squad headquarters. Check in on the forums and inform your fellow squad mates of this event! The beginning of a new chapter in WWII Online's history is about to be written, you do not want to miss this.

This Welcome Back Soldier offer will be available September 1. Stay tuned for how to activate your Welcome Back Soldier time! Get ready to report for duty!



Any old timers going back?

Was interesting to see "CRS is under completely new leadership." 
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