GW2 Path of Fire beta

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Just an FYI you can play a small part of the GW2 new expansion this weekend in a PVE beta event.  All you need to do is log onto to your account and create a new character (slot given to you) which is a full leveled character in the class of your choosing.


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    No new specs. Just FYI all. Save you the trouble.

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    For those interested they have the place holders for the rangers new pets.  
    Juvenile Cheetah
    Juvenile Sand Lion
    Juvenile Jacaranda
    Juvenile Fanged Iboga
    Juvenile Rock Gazelle

    Someone said they found the Sand Lion on the east edge of the map next to the road.

    Also in your pet manager the second row of each pets abilities shows it's Soulbeast skills.
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    Nice!  Going to try all the classes out and see how they perform.  While the new specs aren't available to play, everything else is.  Interested to check out the raptor mount as well.
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    Mounts be like

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    I did a couple of others to check things out. No, the elite classes isn't in this one, rumor say we see them next time.

    Zone layout: The first zone reminded me more of the base game then HoT, not flat but not in layers either. A pretty city, some dunes, a bit of water and some mountains. There was a rather fun raptor race taking you around a lot of it.

    Mounts: Tried out the raptor. It's main thing is that it jumps rather long distances (and the third mastery should make that even longer). I rather enjoyed the riding experience but you get off it when you open a chest, gather mats and after the first attack you make (the raptor tailwhips) and you can't mount it unless you are out of combat.

    Story: it felt pretty basic, Balthazars minions burning people and you jumping in to save them. Just played the first mission though, it was so-so.

    Anyways, what I saw was far closer to the basegame but the style of the zone  was more like GW: Nightfall then how the crystal desert felt in Prophesis. I don't want to go too far into the expansion during a demo, just check it out a bit.

    One annoying thing with the demo was that I couldn't copy my regular main to it, had to make a new. Sure, got max level and acceptable gear but for some reason would changing the look of my gear in the demo cost charges which seems unreasonable to me. 

    Otherwise it looked good with nice mount animations. I can tell you anything about the other 4 zones but hope they are in the same style. I did not have much use of my glider BTW but you can glide in there if anyone wonder (I did).
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    Some pics, and no, that is not one of my regular toons.

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    If you go to the Dye section of you armor you will see a tab at the top which allows you to partially dye your dino.  :-)

    I mostly explored the area and am trying different classes, can only have two demo classes at a time so have to delete the ones I just created and tested when done.  

    One mastery point is in a very hard to get to area.  There's an NPC you can talk to who tells you about a mount that can skim across the top of the water that found in another zone that closed off for now.  

    I've only seen two waypoints so far, one in the center of the city and one just outside the demo area.  So if you die getting a hero point or mastery point it could be a long trip without someone to revive you or revive orbs.

    I've read the next demo weekend they have will be to test PvP and the new elite skills.

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    There's a fairly active thread in the GW2 forums from players who are getting motion sickness from riding the Raptors.  

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