Official Competitive Multiplayer Trailer - Destiny 2 Videos -

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imageOfficial Competitive Multiplayer Trailer - Destiny 2 Videos -

In Destiny 2, there will be a number of ways for players to host 4v4 modes on a variety of maps. Players can take part in Control, Countdown, and Survival modes. All of these are illustrated in this brand new video from the Destiny 2 team. Which is your favorite?

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  • Geddon95405Geddon95405 Santa Rosa, CAMember UncommonPosts: 92
    p2p hosting for 'competitive' 4v4 shooter

    destiny 1 had the same exact hosting and it was ABUSED to no end with intentional lag methods and throttling upload speeds. Everyone started with green bars and then it was red bars all over the place. If the HOST hit the lag switch, the ENTIRE MATCH LAGS OUT.

    it was awful on a competitive basis. Fun on a casual basis until the red bar abuse burnt you out.


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  • joewolf79joewolf79 Junction City, KSMember UncommonPosts: 16
    Hit the site, saw the picture and instantly thought OMG is that a Quarian? Then I started reading and I was like "aww it's just Destiny 2". Now I'm sad.
  • LegendCarissoLegendCarisso Unknown SpaceMember UncommonPosts: 84
    Neither. I would much rather see what that beautiful "PvE" experience will be like. Can't wait for the beta.
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