Shadow Of War: microtransactions!



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    Nyctelios said:
    Asheram said:
    Microtransactions are here to stay because they pay I'm sorry to say. 

    That aside I'm hyped for SoW.  I have to forgive WB their sins because I'm playing Shadow of Mordor now (for the first time - I pick up old games it's a me thing liking the dusty shelf setbacks) and having an insane blast.  This game is a hidden gem.  I had no idea it would be so much fun.  So I have two great games now, SoM and TESO.  It hurts trying to decide which one to play some days.  SoM is suppose to be my backup game for when TESO does maintenance but I keep hearing the theme music play in my head and want to sneak up and kill me some orcs!  Yeah yeah they are called Uruks not orcs. 
    Uruks are still orcs.

    In the Black Speech of Mordor, the equivalent was Uruk, as can be seen in Uruk-hai, "Orc-folk"

    From the wikipedia, so @Asheram take read there. 

    I was just saying Jem didnt need worry about calling uruks orcs.

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    It's their game and they can do as they please. What interests me, otoh, is how many of these "microtransactions SUCK" people will buy them. And how many in general. I think that outside PR / Marketing they are going to be a success.
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    Gorwe said:
    What interests me, otoh, is how many of these "microtransactions SUCK" people will buy them. And how many in general. would assume they do not suck if so many people buy them. But who cares about reason, right?
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    I wonder if the game will have Denuvo.

    Game looks interesting but I will not buy any title if its going to have this, I have not gotten any response from them if it has it or not yet although I believe other games have it so I am not going to put my pc at risk.
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