Been playing GW2 on and off since launch

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One thing that really strikes me with this game is that sometimes It's really easy and other things are extremely hard and sometimes  annoying.
Don't get me wrong I don't like being handheld I like exploring finding different paths to find things, I refuse to go on youtube to find a easy help.
So I thought, damn the devs really made something not like other MMOs just as they sead, well yes you can hate Heart of Thorns, I do with a vengeance but that's besides the point  I can't let go of the feeling they really did things out of the box, they made a game that YOU have to think for yourself (at some part totally insane) but still they crafted  a great gameworld.

I really hope next X-pack will be the same kind of stuff, plenty of hidden things, great story and paths you have to discover yourself and for love of god no more jungle labyrinth bonanza, I don't have much more hair left on my head and my throat are soar.
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  • Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Den HelderMember RarePosts: 9,461
    I am with you, for the past five years GW2 has been my go to and return game ..  i allways keep returning and finding enough to enjoy

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    I wish I could get into this game.  Have tried it a few times, but it just never hooks me.
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    i dont like fluff progression ( achievments) and i also dont like that there is no good pvp. The skilleffects and the combat in combination makes me wanna puke.
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    I wish I could get into this game.  Have tried it a few times, but it just never hooks me.
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    I've come back to the game for PoF and doing some HoT before it.  I really love the direction the game has taken. The new builds and masteries have been great.  It's now become my go to MMO.
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    It's also been my go-to game for the past few years.

    The progression is a bit unusual, but that also comes with a nice byproduct of not having many barriers to content. If you join a new guild or make new friends, you're always more or less able to do meaningful content together.
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