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    You dont have to do PvP if you dont want to.  Once you have enough XP to hit level 50 you can just skip the level 50 quest and you will not level that character up anymore.  You can still do everything else in the game but you will not be attacked or participate in PvP.

    PvP starts at level 50 and is on a character basis so you can level one toon up past 50 to get in some PvP and keep one below 50 to do exploration/farming and other stuff.  I was really into catching and breeding horses for a while, it was quite fun.
    Is there a significant amount of people still playing the game who do that?  I know there was when the game first started, but I imagine by now most would have quit the game or levelled beyond 50 by now because pre-level 50 content with no new content ever (because all new content is beyond level 50) can only stay interesting for so long.

    "Significant" is relative, are there millions of players lifeskill'n in BDO?- NO.  PA and KaKao don't have the mindset to scale a game that big.  But yes still many active players chopping trees, skinning sheep, carving pork from wild hogs and smashing rocks.  It is a pretty diverse playerbase which is why there are clashes between the PvP oriented players and the PVE/Lifeskill'ers.  BDO has a pretty passionate playerbase with the offical forums lighting up over PvP issues, resources, and the like (excluding the trolls).  But still quite a few people doing different things in BDO.  I've noticed more guides, tools and videos have been published out on the wild webs regarding lifeskill leveling and how to make in-game silvers from lifeskills. and Dulfy's site are some of my "go-to" guides/references.

    There are many that just AFK fish and grind mobs, quite a few trade, horse training has increased with the announcement around T8 and dream horses and I do run into quite a few people on my gathering or trading trips all the way out to Valencia.  Lifeskill guilds are still active offering gathering and fishing buffs, especially with the recent guild rewards system.
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    I never gave BDO a chance and thought I just might.  What's the point of the game?  Is it just a generic themepark where you grind to 50 and then raid?  I don't like PvP.  Is it non-consensual?  Thanks!

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