After trying various MMOs - WoW is still the highest quality



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    World of Warcraft at one point was the best themepark MMO ever created.  Now?  Not so much.  It's degraded into a loot pinata that a mentally-challenged child could excel at while one had was tied behind their back.  There's no challenge left if you're not at the highest levels of play.  But at one time, it was the best.

    I agree, it's much too easy and fast now.  The majority of loot means virtually nothing.  Other players mean nothing.  At least to the average player.  Still, the journey through the PvE story is excellent.  They've only gotten better at that aspect.
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    Tbh, didn't read through every post; stopped mid 2nd page.
    But, I am curious what single-player games you tried, and why you stopped?  I do not think there is anyone that can argue Skyrim, The Witcher 3, or DAI isn't better in the graphics, gameplay, and storyline than any MMO out there.  So what drew you back?  Comradery? Ability to play with minimal thought?  
    Just curious. 

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    As a heads up, since this thread is active again. I actually moved to Elite Dangerous and Ultima Online.

    Both games allow you to 100% solo the entire game without relying on groups (UO does need the right character template though). However, despite that, in UO I've done so many social events and have made more friends in a week or two than I made in all of my time in WoW. 

    And Elite Dangerous is fun, though in truth haven't fully gotten into it. Even with an xbox one controller, there are so many controls to remember that if I don't play every day, I forget what to do and have to start over to do the tutorial again lol. Eventually I'll actually remember what does what though :P
    in case people missed it. It was randomly on page 2 in the middle. 

    I've been having a lot better time in UO, and having fun trying to (and failing) at figuring out Elite Dangerous controls lol. I don't play Elite every day, more like 1-2 times a week so by the time I play again already forgot what the controls were lol. Would never want to do it mouse/keyboard lol. The xbox one controls are hard enough in ED :pensive:

    UO is pretty fun though, I've been having a really good time with that.

    And to add some new content instead of just the quote

    Been having tons of fun in Starbound, Skyrim (though waiting for Legacy of the Dragonborn to get out of beta for special edition and going to start a new game), starcraft 2 and civilization 5. So I branched out a lot instead of just MMOs.

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    WOW is still the highest quality, and king at path of least resistance, but it is the latter point keeping folks playing.  Certainly, not fun.  WOW has not been fun for some time.

    Need a new MMO.
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    Artistically I'd give GW2 the edge.  I'd give SWTOR the edge in the leveling story.  I haven't PVP'd in a long time but I'm not sure who does a better job than WOW these days.

    WOW wins in totality by a large margin though.  They did an amazing job of creating a solid foundation that appeals to various crowds.
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    Artistically I'd give GW2 the edge.  I'd give SWTOR the edge in the leveling story.  I haven't PVP'd in a long time but I'm not sure who does a better job than WOW these days.

    WOW wins in totality by a large margin though.  They did an amazing job of creating a solid foundation that appeals to various crowds.

    Hated gw2 so wow is better than gw2 for me.  swtor was fun but after 13 months of beta....

    City of Heroes is still my favorite and there was story to the missions but not amazing.

    The most RPG quest  that felt great was wow alliance side ony attunement where you walked through stormwind.  Here is a video of someone else doing it:  

    Epic Music:

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    I played it pretty religiously up until the CATA pre patch. I log on the test each expansion. The PVE polish is maybe better but the gameplay experience has suffered outside of that.  I say at this point Id rather play ESO or DCU and I realize how sad that is.
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    I haven't played since Cataclysm, so I can't comment on the current state of the game.  But when I did play, I felt you could remove all the textures, remove all the sounds and music, and just flood fill all the models and surfaces.  And I would play that game. Because that is how well made WoW feels.  It's like driving a luxury car, it is just well made.  If there was another game made as good as WoW out there everyone would be playing it.

    But nothing we say here matters.  Those who can afford to being playing WoW, are playing WoW.  If you don't like the direction the game play has gone, that is not going to change.  The only way to get more players to play WoW, is to get their employers to pay them more, so they can afford to play WoW.  But before they can even resubscribe to Wow, they rent will go up, the price of gas will rise, same with the cost of food, cost to ride the bus or train.  By Friday they will be right back where they started, asking themselves if they can play WoW or pay their bills.

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    The combat model now lets this game down, with every expansion it has become more and more basic to play . classes are now way to generic. No true specialization of characters they removed it 3 or 4 expansions ago to make it easier for people. gear takes no real effort to get and is worthless, no social aspect left as the group finder has made guilds obsolete. After playing archage, blackdesert and a few other action combat games it makes playing non action games very boring. But even with these issues is still the number one mmo as no one has released a top quality mmo for along time. all recent decent mmos have been eastern games ported to the west and they all have the same major flaws that make them bad in the end, they are still worth 6 to 12 mths of playing but arnt worth a longer stay. 
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    Im cheap lol, I wanted to try WoW 7.3 so I asked for a few days sub at cs and got 7 days :)

    This made me happy!!!!! 

    Now if I get that legendary gear for my class im happy!

  • DragnelusDragnelus UtrechtMember RarePosts: 2,051
    Dragnelus said:
    Im cheap lol, I wanted to try WoW 7.3 so I asked for a few days sub at cs and got 7 days :)

    This made me happy!!!!! 

    Now if I get that legendary gear for my class im happy!

    This looks even better lol:

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    High Quality is probably a subjective term, one that i don't think the WoW of today represents, it is a polished game for certain, but i don't think it can still be classed as a high quality game as the graphics are sub par compared to most modern MMO's, no doubt in part due to the age of the game engine itself, but while the game may have aged 'gracefully' it has aged nonetheless, when held up alongside games which are easily classed as being 'high quality' such as FFXIV:ARR, ESO, GW2, BDO and a whole bunch of other games i won't even try listing, it is very clear just how much MMO's have changed in the intervening years. WoW was a high quality game at one time, but that time has long since passed. :/
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    Personally, IMHO, probably, I think so, but I can't play WoW anymore. I'm so goddamn tired of random crap. "Hey, boooi, we have a nice mount! Come and get it!" and I'm like "Okay"... that was billion years ago and I HATE Invincible, Lich King and that whole raid (Phoenix, Astral Serpernt, etc). So tired of doing the same old shit over and over again. That's not a game. That's Pray-RNGsus-emulator and do you JOB each weak, like I don't have job IRL?! You wanna cool legendary without which you're doing crap DPS? Oh-ho-hoooo, noo, man. Here, take this worthless one for your offspec, because you decided to do 1 quest with him. Wanna do dungeons? Sure, mate, here they are in all their glory. Go, complete them in Normal, heroic, mythic and 15 times in Mythic +. Raids? Bro, the same. Do the same over and over in all available mods.
    If you call it High-Quality, Top, Best-of-the-best, Awesome game - it's your opinion and I respect it. But for me, this game doesn't bring that joy it did long time ago.
    Yes, after BlizzCon I'll run like hell and buy new Expansion, play it a couple of months and leave WoW again... I can't get over of my nostalgia but I'm thinking to delete\sell my account just to not have a character\place to return to.
    GW2, on another hand, is soo fun. Last expansion is great(super-awesome, I'd even say). They did so much things right while WoW follows the same old road - repeatance.
    FFXIV is fun for me too. It is very similar to WoW but with so many QoL things that feels soo fresh for WoW veteran.
    TESO is also a great game. Yes, it also has a lots of grind of dungs\raids, but at least it has an awesome story, which is NOT time-gated to keep your sub for longer.
    Probably, WoW is still a great game and Legion is good expansion, but I'm tired... Tired of the same old story, old road, old progression, old characters, old places, rng, etc. 
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    First I tried FFXIV, was super excited to play it and was gonna surprise some of my friends who play it that I was gonna join them. Turns out they server lock you out if server is too crowded...don't even have a queue system like a high quality WoW server has. So I got my money back and moved on to ESO

    ESO is okay, its still installed. But two friends joined me from WoW stopped playing and both went back to WoW, and I kinda lost any motivation to play. I'd have liked to be able to play FFXIV a lot more tbh, its more my style than ESO...but not with complete server locks.

    So tried various singleplayer games...and...the other day decided to renew my WoW sub.

    Not only does it have the most content of any MMO (but not very fair, because its so old) also has the highest PVE (note PVE, not PvP) quality content. With the exception, I never got to see the quality of content in FFXIV...and PvP is pretty fail in WoW...the world PvP is pretty lame since they sort of combined a bunch of servers into groups.

    However, by far its the most fun and highest quality PVE I've personally played in a recent MMO. The animations are smooth, moving is fluid, voice acting is decent (some of its pretty good imo), the story to legion is really immersive and there is soooo much lore. Also the classes are all rather well designed, even better than they were in vanilla. I didn't say balanced, but they are all much more fun to use than how they used to be.

    I made a Death Knight, went through their class story in Legion...and wow was it amazing! While I don't do hardcore raids, I've done the "easier" raids to see the story. DK is awesome though because the unholy DK is like a heavy armored necromancer, and its a pretty fun necromancer-esque class. 

    The other thing I like about WoW is the pet AI is actually really smart and you have a lot of control over it. Is it great? No. But wow are pet classes in most MMOs have the stupidest pets you could ever imagine lol. Or in ESO you can't even CONTROL the all...its just a stupid DPS dot disguised as a pet. I think that is what most disappointed me about the sorcerer in ESO, since I really like using pets and there isn't one like that in that MMO.

    Still, years later...out of all the RELEASED MMOs (not ones in development or on kickstarter or still accepting funding)...still have yet to see an MMO with such high quality content. And how much content there is is just a bonus.

    And 1-3 months from now, I'll want something new...again try various MMOs...and then go back to WoW and singleplayer games lol. Thats how it has been the past 3 years now, waiting for something, anything, to match WoW's quality content, the lore, the story, and how much there is to do.
    BDO is the most complex mmo since 2016 and it will be the most complex in 2018 also. If you like themecrap games those are your only 3 choices+ GW2. IN BDO you dont run out of things to do because you have like 20 jobs/professions that bring fun and money. 
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    I've tried almost all MMORPGs the last few years ,from final fantasy to ESO to wildstar to guildwars, to more crowd-funded projects. Yeah...nothing beats WoW even its current mediocre/diferent version.

    ESO one of the msot embarassing releases of an AAA MMORPG , full of bugs unpolished with many issues and bad designed PVP. It certainly got a lot better but the turn off was so big i never returned

    Wildstar  A worse version of WoW

    Final Fantasy   good anime overall i did play it for a while but it didnt kept me for too long

    SWTOR strangely the only game that kept me entertained for more than 7-8 months, incredible game lore/ gameplay /design with a lackluster raiding-grouping system.

    Legion was 100% better than WoD but i just cant play WoW anymore, even if it is decent currently.13 years is a long time.I feel saturated by it(if thats a good word to use), i was one of those who were against WoW 2, but i am rethinking my approach on such  a possibility
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    Well, I'm back into WoW.

    BDO I got bored of. Realized if I wanted to keep buying value packs, I'd have to spend 5 extra dollars than I would WoW. Also characters look vastly better with outfits and those cost another 30 or so.

    UO I still play off/on, but not too much

    Elite dangerous got kinda boring

    WoW I'm a warlock, and after seeing the DH solo the current endgame boss...decided to resub and try it at some point since warlocks are vastly better soloers. Haven't tried it yet. But DH soloing a current endgame boss makes WoW still the best solo MMO. Even if it takes a lot of work and practice and watching videos of how to do it. Warlocks are the best soloers in the game, better than DH, so should be doable with skill/practice.

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    First I tried FFXIV, was super excited to play it and was gonna surprise some of my friends who play it that I was gonna join them. Turns out they server lock you out if server is too crowded...don't even have a queue system like a high quality WoW server has.

    False, and I'm sorry but I had to point this out, nothing worse than giving misinformation on otherwise great games.

    The server locks character creation for a short amount of time only, this is to avoid the login queues being too high from people creating their characters during peak hours from the starter edition (free version), this way people who are already established on a server that has a high peak wait for 1-10 min instead of 30-60 because of trials coming and going. Whereas the trials will just go goof around a bit on a less populated server, get bored because it's not as fast paced as other games, and go back to their super mega action packed games.

    The lock updates every 3 hours (or 6, can't remember this part exactly), so if you have a reason to join a specific server, you just need a bit of patience, if you're just trying it out, it won't matter that much to begin with anyway. In your case, waiting just a little bit would've gotten you in with your buddies and worst case you would've had to create the character during the evening/night before going to sleep, and get started the next day. It's not ideal but tbh, the game has login queues even without expansion releases so I'd rather have that combined with a short queue, than always waiting an hour to get online because of the freebies killing ladybugs and squirrels outside New Gridania.

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    Wow continues at the top of the heap, but one wonders how much longer.  Even Blizzard seems to realize its cash cow is fading, concentrating its efforts on e-sports for most of its games.  Take a look at the BlizzCon schedule. 

    Every gamer has the point where they say I'm outta here.  I go back to WoW every so often and just as often WoW both surprises and pisses me off.  I'm really struck by how restrictive Legion is, quest strings on rails.  There's no there there once you've finished the various storylines.  Ya, WQs.  Argus is even worse.  A zone about not having a zone.  Literally a lobby zone.  And horribly depressing graphics on top of that. 

    Then there's the dev mania to drive all players into dungeons and raids no matter what your preferred playstyle.  Every single thing you can do in Legion (with the exception of Archeology), leads you to dungeons and raids.  You can't advance in any direction without doing a dungeon.  This isn't going to change with the next expansion, either.   If you love doing dungeons, good on you.  If you're a solo casual, be warned.  More of the same and probably more more of the same in the next expansion.

    As for story?  The story telling style might be top notch (ya, I get tearful thinking of King Varian 's fate after paling around with for so many years), but Legion's stories themselves are hackneyed and disconnected for all but the most ardent fan. 

    It's important for a dev team to have a vision.  WoW's has wandered without one for a long time.  Now they have one:  Dungeons and E-sports.  No matter how you look at it, that spells bad news for the open world questing MMO that was.     
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    In this day and age, easy equals fun for a lot of players. It is the single biggest reason for WoW's popularity. You get huge rewards for little to no effort. So it is a huge factor that appeals to the masses including the OP. Other games on the market require a larger amount of time to get the same feeling of accomplishment that wow achieves on an almost daily event. Hey you logged in a spent 5 min doing a world quest, here is an 890 ilvl piece of gear. Whether the gear is trivial or not, the reward factor is what people like.

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    etharn said:
    People only miss City of Heroes because it no longer around. When it was around no one ever talk about it and very few played it or it was there go to MMO when their primary was in maintenance lol. I honestly gave WoW six or seven tries to like it but I just cant. Quality seems to be set to the beholder. I know quite a few peeps that they find older MMO more quality then anything out right now. What I mean by older is classics where you lvled skills not levels. 
    Yeah... You tend to miss things a lot less when they aren't missing yet. When it was gone that probably contributed at least somewhat to the shift from the focus of playing the game and posting about it extensively on the then existing official forum to the lamenting of the loss of it on other forums that actually still existed after the closure.

    Impressions of quality vary greatly on the qualities valued, as you imply.
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    I agree, if you want a PvE themepark experience, you can't beat WoW.  Nothing else comes even close to Blizzard's level of polish.  People love to hate it, but its success over the years speaks for itself.
    I think that use to be the case but not so much anymore, Guild wars 2 & FInal Fantasy are two theme park MMO's that are really delivering in my opinion.
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    Gesph said:
    Ah... WoW. The worst cancer ever created in the form of a MMO. Some people even disgustedly admit that they play the extremely outdated game. To compare this utter trash with FFXIV is extremely awkward.
    Sometimes I like a little MMORPG with my movie too.

    Exaggeration obviously, but the game is fairly cinema heavy. I tried FFIV for awhile. It was alright, fun in a SuperNES console RPG nostalgia sort of way, which I mean as a compliment.

    However, it had some annoying aspects at the time that turned me off the title.

    For one, not being able to turn in a quest that I had completed because I first had to get to the level where the game felt it was okay to turn it in, causing a bottleneck in my progress.

    Another was having my effective level reduced to that of a starting character when I started leveling a new gathering profession. I think the was later changed.


    I tried WoW for a bit too, in their free play trial mode. Despite the obviously much more elaborate presentation of the story in FFXIV, I found myself more involved and interested in the starting story of my undead monk, that I never finished as I didn't subscribe.

    Cinematic flash and a more recent design doesn't translate unquestionably into superiority in the minds of all, never mind an incontestable level of it.

    Dated doesn't necessarily equate to outdated.

    It is a matter of preference.
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    Sorry but I think you will find that EQ2 has just as much polished PVE content as WOW, I would say it has more PVE content. That's not taking anything away dorm WOW because it's is a giant where PVE is concerned. 
    Yeah...but SOE (Daybreak) vs Blizzard? that really an argument you want to make?
  • SirAgravaineSirAgravaine Member UncommonPosts: 332
    Gesph said:
    Ah... WoW. The worst cancer ever created in the form of a MMO. Some people even disgustedly admit that they play the extremely outdated game. To compare this utter trash with FFXIV is extremely awkward.
    Just going to take a wild guess that you were born in the 90's or early 00's.
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    uh look, another one of those

    "i played WoW before it was cool!". gamer yuppies :)

    "I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!"

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