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There used to be a field where you could type in the game you are currently playing on your forum profile. It seems to be missing now. How do I change it?
 Ever heard of "Software as a Service"? That's what MMOs are. They're games, and they're a service. They have an ongoing cost to maintain, fix, support, develop, etc. I'm always amazed at the sheer entitled mentality of people who seem to feel that somehow developers owe you a game to play for free, or it's a "cash-grab" otherwise. If that attitude isn't the epitome of the entitled, "I deserve it because I want it" generation, I don't know what is.
Playing: Albion Online


  • ScorchienScorchien Hatboro, PAMember EpicPosts: 3,736
    there are some things they are still workin on since the migration.. not certain thats one of them .. but it is along the same lines as some of the other things

  • MaxBaconMaxBacon Figueira da FozMember EpicPosts: 3,641
    Yeah there's a bunch of pending, possibly even outdated stuff to be worked out. So that's likely tba attm
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