First Japanese CBT to Begin April 28th - Bless -

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imageFirst Japanese CBT to Begin April 28th - Bless -

Bless News - Game On has confirmed that the first Bless Online Japanese closed beta test will be starting on April 28th and is set to run through May 4th. This may be a disappointment for Western fans as the Japanese version was announced after Aeria revealed its plans to published Bless in North America and the EU. However, is reporting that the Aeria team is on its way to meet with the development team at Neowiz in South Korea. Hopefully we'll learn more then.

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  • DauzqulDauzqul Detroit, MIMember UncommonPosts: 1,579
    Really looking forward to this one. I don't mind the wait.
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  • GladDogGladDog Pottstown, PAMember RarePosts: 818
    I'm getting a little antsy, but I'd rather have a finished product when I start playing.

    The world is going to the dogs, whixh is just how I planned it!

  • WNxbadboy3WNxbadboy3 scunthopreMember UncommonPosts: 158
    For all we know japan could just be getting the stock game comapred to us whos having the combat reworked. ect.
  • dswag22dswag22 Member CommonPosts: 19
    ^True that!
  • esc-joconnoresc-joconnor TokyoMember UncommonPosts: 374
    edited April 24
    Living in Tokyo often has it's advantages! I've signed up.
    They ask for twitter account and blog links though, so I think they are going for gaming influencers.
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