The Matrix getting a reboot.

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Where are they going with this? I just can't see it being any where near as good as the original trilogy.



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    I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited by this.  Look at The Animatrix; a lot of those concepts could be fleshed out into feature length films.  I bet we'll see cameos from some of the old actors, and I bet there will be horns on the soundtrack.

    What I'd like to see even more than a Matrix reboot, however, is for someone to tackle Neuromancer and the rest of the Sprawl trilogy, the Blue Ant trilogy, or Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, Reamde, The Baroque Cycle, or Seveneves.

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    Well at least the wachowski brothers are not involved in it, couldnt stand Sense8.

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    It might be alright if it's sort of like how Star Trek was rebooted. That I think was done right. I'm not sure if the Matrix has the power to stick around after big reboots.

    I would rather see original takes on the fake reality premise. Matrix is not the only movie or series on this topic. The Truman Show, Dark City, The Village, Wag the Dog and some others are out there. More broadly, I think any spiritual or religious topic can also be, since they're trying to expand our reality beyond its norm. I think even movies like Minority Report are part of this fold. It's not alone at all.

    EDIT: Even Groundhog Day reminds me of it.
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