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Communication in online video games

WmxWmx Member Posts: 16 Common
Hello everyone,

How do you communicate in online video games? I am conducting a research (B.A. thesis) on word formation processes in video games and social media and I would love to hear your opinion on this matter. Let's engage in a discussion. 

I'm pretty sure that it would be interesting for some of you to know how others communicate their message in an online video game or just an MMO in short. I have gathered over 150 examples of abbreviations (Acronyms), shifts, clippings, and phonetical formations (l8r, cu, k, y) and it would be beneficial to add some more to the list, maybe there are specific things that are new and not usual like WTB/WTS, or LFG. 

So, how do you communicate in online video games? Do you tend to use a great number of abbreviated forms like lol, kk, wtf, omg and et. al.? 
Also, I would like to hear your opinion on the relationship between an MMO and the usage of such words. For example, from my personal experience, I know that League of Legends players use a ton of abbreviated forms, but maybe you know more.

Thank you for your contribution!



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