where did this game go ? lol



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    Tekkon said:
    Game is in production. Doing well. 


    "I should point out that no other company has shipped out a beta on a disc before this." - Official Mortal Online Lead Community Moderator

    Starvault's reponse to criticism related to having a handful of players as the official "test" team for a supposed MMO: "We've just have another 10ish folk kind enough to voulenteer added tot the test team" (SIC) This explains much about the state of the game :-)

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    game looked really promising  but it seems since it met its crowd funding goals the updates stopped , hopefully that just means they are working hard on the game
    Updates have not stopped. Just because they don't come out when you snap your fingers does not mean they stopped.
    And FYI, they were at PAX so they were kinda busy.

    I'm sure they are very sorry they did not satisfy your timely requirements to give you reason to post this thread.

    You are forgiven.

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    They finished the store on the website where you can give them more money, so there is that at least.
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