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What are you playing (January 2017)



  • DragnelusDragnelus UtrechtMember Posts: 1,522 Rare
    Bayonetta 2, damn that game!! And Tales of Berseria after that gonna look at nier automata!

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  • bootlegljqsibootlegljqsi Member Posts: 1 Common
  • VipaahVipaah Member Posts: 6 Common
    Only OW
  • ethanlallaethanlalla Member Posts: 104 Uncommon
    SWTOR! :D
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  • VuenitoVuenito Member Posts: 4 Common
    edited March 28
    I play an online game, I like that in the video slot Win wizards offers a wide range of various functions. Among them are special symbols, bonus rounds, additional multipliers, free spins, risky odds game. B)
  • SixliSixli Santa Cruz, CAMember Posts: 12 Uncommon
    Morrowind (Modded)
    GW2 - Thinking of quitting after 6300 hrs
  • TainnyeTainnye Member Posts: 4 Common
    I do not know how everyone relate to the online slot games, but I really like it, I play cleopatra =)
  • rawfoxrawfox HamburgMember Posts: 755 Uncommon
    Actually GTA V again.
    I like the fair and flat skillsystem, no RNG there.
    With ArcheAge i stared to dislike the %-modifiers.
    Now that nearly all MMORPGs offer them - have fun on that.
    ArchAge has shown, how to professionally milk us twats.

    Nono, i like the honesty of GTA ^^
    Sandbox > Themepark when we come together :)

  • MwahahaMwahaha Member Posts: 125 Uncommon
    World of Warships, Path of Exile, and I just reinstalled Blade & Soul.  

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  • SupremeBurgerDeluxeSupremeBurgerDeluxe Member Posts: 1 Common
    edited April 27
    This is a upcoming mmorpg I've been waiting for weeks this 2017... watch the gameplay of this game and register here [mod edit]
    Post edited by Vaross on
  • dswag22dswag22 Member Posts: 19 Common
    Ive ony just started world of warcraft. Any tips?
  • eHugeHug HamburgMember Posts: 258 Uncommon
    Trying out "The Exiled" at the moment, but not really getting excited.

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