How top voted games on this site are decided



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    It is merely there to fill a spot on a website,it means nothing and carries no weight towards anything meaningful.I guess some people just like to see a game in the list and say "oh that's my game i voted for ..YAY !".

    When websites make a top 5 list or whatever top 10,it carries even less weight,less votes and usually with an agenda to vote in a well sponsored developer.

    You know what would make it meaningful,if a real developer "an unbiased one" rated games based on a full knowledge of game design.However seeing what i see for game design in the mmorpg genre is just pathetic,every game looks like a clone of a clone,why would i trust a word of even those mindless creators.

    So what we need is individual system people  to rate each area of a game design,from music creators to mappers,sound technicians,artists,modelers,combat systems,characterization systems,the list goes on and on,no one single VOTE carries any weight at all because a game is designed by MANY people with not one single goal other than to finish their development phase.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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    Kyleran said:
    ste2000 said:zpoke

    Spoken like a true Blue.



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    Just don't take it too seriously.  Vote like this can be easily manipulated, since the number isn't large.  A group of people can affect the outcome.

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    Developers paying for promotion; happens all the time and i believe protection money against those who criticize a game. I got banned a few times for speaking my mind on a few titles, and when it proved true with overwhelming outcries the moderators stop banning people.
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    Money and advertising

    I Quit. ->
    Retired Gamer: all MMORPG's have been destroyed by big business, marketing of false promises, unprofessional game makers, and a generation of "I WIN and GIVE ME NOW" (brought to you by pokeman).

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    $ $ $ $ $ $

    That's how

    + 1
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    What's crazy is that people still care.

    "If mah game does not win the localized and bizarrely disproportional unscientific popularity award, I will flip out!!1!!one"

    Ah must seek herd approval. If the herd disapproves, ah simply cannot enjoy tha game.
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    The votes list is there as a reminder of what the "general gaming public" finds exciting.

    Never forget that there are tens of millions of gamer's playing games you'd never want to touch with a barge pole...
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    The votes list is there as a reminder of what the "general gaming public" finds exciting.

    Never forget that there are tens of millions of gamer's playing games you'd never want to touch with a barge pole...
    Over the years it has drawn my attention to games i would have otherwise probably overlooked.

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    Top listed games and articles are all through under the table illegal dealings. @BillMurphy is really a mafia kingpin for the Nerdini family. They control the gaming racket in these here parts and you gotta grease the palms of the shills to get goods top shelf, ya see? Now stop asking questions if ya know what's healthy for ya.
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    @Kunai_Vax great post 
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