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Am I in the minority?

sleepyguyftlsleepyguyftl San Francisco, CAPosts: 648Member

I am looking through all the MMORPGS that are out now and it seems to me they are all pretty much the same. That being the same old hack, slash, kill, loot type of game. Is it me or does it seem that there is a large amount of originality missing?

Don't get me wrong, I do think that combat needs to be an improtant part of an MMORPG, but should it be the entire game? Shouldn't there be other things in the game to keep one occupied?

**And yes I have played the Sims. The problem there is a complete lack of missions and tasks to do. Played a Tale in The Desert, problem there is no combat and a lack of people.


  • DjinDjin New London, CTPosts: 3,263Member

    Welcome to the world of MMORPGs MMORPGs MMORPGs MMORPGs MMORPGs...

    Oops... kinda got carried away there. :)  away there...

    You're right, a lot of the games are almost the same but with different graphics and story lines.

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  • Clever_GloveClever_Glove Columbus, OHPosts: 996Member

    Is there a slow delevopment team-work type game that doesn't involve a single charater (you) killing things to get experance?

     SIMS online... but it's more a 3D chat interface than a game. 

    What would you want? A RPG where you.... build things for exp? Like Sim City? Maybe you'd like to make money instead of exp.... like having a job. Or learn things for exp, like going to school?

    Options are rather limited in what can be a money making idea. I think allot of people like the idea, and have fun tossing fireballs and arrows at dragons, mystical creatures, and each other.

    How much fun would it be to work or be at school for 8 hours then come home and pay 13 bucks a month to do the same. I like paying to do something I can't do in RL. (toss fireballs)

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  • sleepyguyftlsleepyguyftl San Francisco, CAPosts: 648Member

    I never said anything about " a slow delevopment team-work type game that doesn't involve a single charater (you) killing things to get experance". I guess that is what I my complaint is, that MMORPGS seem to have become one of two breeds. The first being the type where you go around killing things for no real reason except to get a better weapon. The second being that there is a complete absence of killing and the result is a watered down game with no real excitement. Why is this?

    What I am asking for is a game where along with my weapons, I have to use some of my brain. Where I can kill things one day, but sign on the next and have enough to do where I don't have to kill for a day and not get bored out of my mind.

    There seems to be there should be enough creativity in the game development field where they could develop a game that isn't one extreme or the other.

  • KoltraneKoltrane Madison, MSPosts: 1,049Member Uncommon

    One game that is truly a break from the hack n slash mold of most MMOGs is Ultimate Baseball Online (  This is a massively multiplayer sports game that allows you to create and train a ballplayer, then start playing on a team and work up to the majors.  I've always thought that sports games would work really well in the massively multiplayer arena, expecially baseball and football where there are specific skill positions.  Does  anyone know of any other sports themed MMOGs?

    Verant (now SOE) was working on a game at one time called Sovereign that was sort of like a MM version of a cross between C&C and Civilization.  SOE officially canned the project some time ago, but someone should take that one and run with it.

    WWIIOL is definitely different, given its military theme, but my experience is that the game isn't ready to be a true MMOG pay for play game.  Granted, I last played it in early 2003 and I've heard they've made some great strides, but I'm still wary.  If they had made WWIIOL like BF1942 in a MMOG world, that would have rocked and been way different.

    P.S. Why isnt not tracking UBO on the game list?  I know it's not a RPG, but it is MM. 

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