Looking Back in Gratitude & a Peek into the Future

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imageLooking Back in Gratitude & a Peek into the Future

My.com Senior Producer Joshua Morris has posted an end of the year letter for Armored Warfare, a game that entered its open beta phase of development about two months ago. In the letter, Morris thanks players for their incredible amount of feedback that has seen AW undergo some big changes already with more promised for 2016.

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    wth im getting to a dutch site

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    WTH? Ummmmm guy's that link dont go where ya say.....
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    That's weird. Link takes me where it says it should but I replaced it even though it was also correct in the news editor. O.o


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    The link works fine for me, got me to my.Com website with full article
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    trade tracker website when clicked
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    Yup, I also end up on www.tradetracker.com when clicking that link.

    Something is borked in the click-tracking engine...
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    Is someone hacking your site? Friggin Tradetracker! Better get the IT guys on this.

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