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Asheron's Call : Dark Majesty: Throne of Destiny Open Preview

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,211Administrator Uncommon

Turbine Entertainment has recently made available a free open preview of their new expansion Throne of Destiny.  Although the expansion will officially release on July 18, 2005 - you can catch a preview of it through a download at FilePlanet.

For more information you should visit the open preview page at the official site by following this link.

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  • GunharpGunharp Woodinville, WAPosts: 2,890Member

    Cool !

    I sure will preview it, but subscribe *giggle* hell no.

  • AkkAkkAkkAkk Goderich, ONPosts: 1Member

    Giving a comment about the new expansion to AC is a bit tricky as it involves issues with the already existing game and how Turbine Nation has decided to deal with the ongoing mmorpg.

    It starts out like this.

    As i and many players that have played AC for a long time going back to the beginning.
    This release of AC really has alot of problems with it. Though not accordig to Turbine.
    They listed this game as a preview to play at the moment. What this really is, is a near Final Beta Load test release. The overall changes to the Game are significant enough that many exisiting players are already either canceling there pre-ordered game or flat out just saying there good bye's To there friend's.
    This was really nothing more then a graphic update that has included some major changes on how the game will work from here on out. The graphic's where a nice upgrade the rest of it was pure poop.
    Somewhere Turbine in the last few years have lost sight on what has allowed this game to last this long with a fair amount of players still playing this game. The whole deal here was nothing more then a marketing scheme by Turbine to have players continue to play this game. The major problem with this is the majority of players are already very disapointed at what has transpired here. Yes there are a few that are posting rave reviews on the other main sites for boards for AC. To be honest they are just the same ole folk that have sung Turbines Praises for a long time and they really are a few in number.

    This surely is near the end of ACDM and AC ToD as they will be compiled together the players that do not upgrade to the new ToD client will still have changes made to there toons and the way the game is played now. Which is something that they would have been willing to live with The game changes just flat out blow. The marketing scheme here was imo to have players play for another 3 plus years to really accompish nothign that they have not done so already. The higher player content is limited at the moment but even if they have more coming the way it is set up is really p***s poor and will mean nothing to the average toon in the long run.

    AC is more or less dead Turbine in there arrogance and i do mean arrogance have killed this game it will not be to long before players will move on. So much more can be said but why waste the effort on a company that surely has lost sight and is not willing to change there attitudes twords there bread and butter. "The player Base"

    As in the old days when you had a tyrant governing the people the populace revolted.

    What i have to say is " Long live liberty Down with the King off with his head"
    King= Turbine = Tyrant of Dereth


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