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About guilds

Clever_GloveClever_Glove Columbus, OHPosts: 996Member

I just started playing DAoC a couple weeks ago. I run around with the newbe guild tag still on. Sorta my way of saying "I really am a newbe" (there's no shame in it, we're all new once). I get asked to join a guild on nearly a hourly basis.

I played EQ for about 4 years. In EQ each server has a very small number "uber" guilds (generally 1-3) if you want to see all the game content you will join one of those guilds. Uber guilds will take players that are the maximum level (and maybe with a certain number of AA's and good loot). Unfortunately if you want to experience anything other exp grinding, you really need to be in a guild. And it's often impossible to meet "uber" guilds expectations for new members without being in a lesser guild.

Most players somewhere in 40's will join a small guild. You play with them, maybe get your epic, then move to a better guild, then swap again for another. It's very common to trade up your guilds as you progress.

This causes allot of stress and generally ugliness, but you really don't have allot of options if you want to see places like VP, ST, VT, PoTime (depending on your own EQ timeline) or all the other "uber" guild only zones.

Due to the "l33t" nature of "uber" guilds membership is a difficult path. I spent over 7 months getting into my last guild.

Is the high end game of DAoC much the same? If you join a guild early is only to leave it later when you out grow it? I hate to join guilds just to leave them.

How many people does it take to kill the "uber_dragon_01" for the "phat lewt"? Or is RvR the high end game?

How depenant is RvR on being in a certain guild?

Thank you for your responce

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  • CillasiCillasi New York, NYPosts: 340Member Uncommon

    Guilds in DAOC are nothing like they are in EQ when it comes to Elitism.  They are easier to set up (no need for CS) and the only real problem arises if you have more than one guild master as GMs cannot be removed from a guild but must choose to leave.  CS won't help you with that either, so the only alternative to getting rid of a GM is to leave the guild and form another. 

    Most guilds incorporate players of all levels, classes, races and interests.  There are guilds that concentrate on different factors in the game (e.g., raids or RvR), so you might reach a point in your "career" when you decide another guild suits your play style better. 

    Guilds also form ALLIANCES with other guilds.  One guild is the "alliance leader" and the others are member guilds.  There is an alliance chat command (/as) that allows you to speak with everyone in your alliance, regardless of guild.  I think this feature has prevented the formation of "uber" guilds.  They are not necessary.  At times, however, an "uber alliance" will develop, usually in relation to their success in RvR or in conducting major raids. 

    A newer quirk with alliances is to form an "alliance leader guild" comprised of alternate characters of the GMs of all member guilds.  That way, no one guild gets "credit" for being the alliance leader and therefore, no one guild gets tagged as "uber."  

    Major raids in DAOC (dragons, some dungeons, and Relic raids) can have upward of 100 people.  However, most can be, and are, successfully run with many less than that. 

    If you like RvR, you can always look on the Herald ( to see which guilds are most active in RvR on your server and in your realm.  From there, look at their page on the Herald to see which guilds are in alliance with them.  Those are the guilds you will want to "court."  "Courting" is usually a matter of finding a guild member and asking to join.  The /who <guildname> command should help you with that.

    Good luck.









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