Is this game dead?

CoolaidCoolaid Sacramento, CAMember UncommonPosts: 70
Seems like the website has been abandon...


  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Member UncommonPosts: 1,254

    no idea for current game status ,but site is working ,they folloving trend cash grab via crowfounding



    only EVE is real MMO...but I am impressive with TSW

  • vadio123vadio123 inferno, ALMember UncommonPosts: 592

    Last time i check its Hiatus to transfer new company 

    and new company dont have money ;P to running 

    image image

  • TweFojuTweFoju Saitama & Jakarta ( current )Member UncommonPosts: 1,119

    technically, the game is not dead, ( as in, it's still running ). but the world is pretty dead, i just purchased the base contributor for 15 euro last week, and there is close no no one playing in the game world, to the point i kept spamming in hope that someone would reply, and i ended quitting the game after 3 hours without encountering a single player

    so yeah, you can say its' dead

    So What Now?

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