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Sigonyth: Desert Eternity: Developer Journal #1

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Dawid Makowski, the Project Manager of "Sigonyth: Desert Eternity", has penned a wonderful developer journal to debut a new series. In this first article he discusses differentiation and how their "world" will be different from the average "game".

image Summing up the base assumptions of our project, I can enclose the main idea in one phrase: we are building a truly virtual world, full of life, instead of typical multiplayer game which currently dominate the MMO market.

You can ask, “is there any difference?” Our reply is: “YES”. The general difference between a game and a world can be illustrated by the differences between a book and P&P RPG session. It is the difference between a static, unchangeable world and a dynamic, player driven one or situation when world system allows everything, but draws consequences from actions as opposed game system that restricts certain behaviors or activities in order to keep the game simple.

Click here to read the full article.

Dana Massey
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Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • cyberace66cyberace66 Albany, ORPosts: 28Member Uncommon

    Three cheers for a skill based system, I cant wait to hear more about this game. I hope there will be a strong support for crafters and personal relationships marriage etc...

  • GunharpGunharp Woodinville, WAPosts: 2,890Member


    I totally forgot about this game until this news post !

  • happydan20happydan20 Cedar Rapids, IAPosts: 260Member Uncommon

    Sounds like the same old same old, if one wants a real world it has to be a blank one.  For instance in wow a lot of the races start out "you are one of the few of your people.."  Except night elves are the most popular in the game.  They out number everyone else. 

    Rescources are scarce but that never lasts long in a mmorpg because in truth, rescources are infinite.  Eventually a bazaar system will be set up, and I'll be able to buy as much food and water as I'd like. 

    A game that would really impress me is one manipulated by the players, and theres nothing out there that does that.

  • MerimitsuMerimitsu Mega City, MDPosts: 6Member

    I think they are creating a manipulated world.  The players use and manipulate it through its recources, story, and enviornment.  That's pretty much what they're trying to get through to you.  You've really got to look into a game more closely before you judge it.  Also a basic understanding of the english language is helpful due to a few intelligent words that may have thrown your understanding off.

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