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Any sci-fi MUDS?

sfranciksfrancik Napa, CAPosts: 1Member
Was wondering if anyone knew of any good and active sci-fi MUDS, something where you get to fly a ship and explore space.


  • ErgloadErgload GV, OHPosts: 433Member Uncommon

    Lusternia has aetherships for inter-planar travel. Pretty active community.

  • BlizzardShillBlizzardShill BlizzardshillvillePosts: 37Member Uncommon

    Miriani is a pretty decent one with an average playerbase.  RP is enforced but you are not expected to be very in-depth with it, and it definitely has a heavy amount of exploration involved if you decide to fly out of local space.


    The site is and you can point your client to to play.





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