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Countdown to Early Enrollment

MumboJumboMumboJumbo LondonPosts: 3,219Member Uncommon

Countdown to Early Enrollment


We are now in a countdown to Early Enrollment on the 15th of September. Last week the team mapped out various release milestones, in-game testing objectives, blog topics, and promotional events (i.e. Pax) between now and the start of Early Enrollment.

Alpha 7 This release is scheduled to include the first introduction of our Quests We are also planning to roll out Companies in this release. We expect to roll out a number of minor UI modifications. Our stretch goals for this release are to introduce a substantial amount of new terrain Alpha 8 This is the big one.   One of the challenges of Alpha is that many core systems and mechanics are interdependent and getting them deployed requires us to build a lot of those interconnections first. First off, it's not going to run on Zog. Instead, we are going to transition Alpha to the servers that are going to host Early Enrollment. Second, we're going to introduce elves and dwarves. Third, you will see a lot of graphical upgrades. Fourth, we'll be introducing Expendables. Fifth, we plan to introduce storage, the auction houses, and some fundamental "banking" services to allow players to buy and sell things. Sixth, we'll continue the terrain expansion that we began in Alpha 7. In fact, we may take the servers down regularly to increase the amount of terrain we are hosting. We will be introducing Thornkeep The Cold Start When Early Enrollment begins the game is going to be a lot different than it has been so far in Alpha. For the initial period of Alpha we started characters with a lot of gear, had monsters drop a lot of recipes, and then we amped up the amount of XP characters had so that they could test mid-range abilities. Next week, we are going to begin testing conditions closer to what we'll be using when we actually begin Early Enrollment. We call this the Cold Start. Every character will begin play with simple townclothes and a wood club. Everything your character possesses and every ability your character learns after that point will be totally dependent on how you choose to play the game. 
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