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Macro Help

Kamandi777Kamandi777 Fulton, MOPosts: 223Member Uncommon

Just started about a week ago.  Hit all the sites I could and got good info on game play.  Having fun


I tried to make a short spell casting macro.  I literally copy/pasted a macro from a forum.

Didn't work.  I thought f--k it and kept playing.

I tried it again the next day and it worked--the first time.

/macroicon "Fire"

/ac "Blizzard" <t>

/ac "Fire" <t>

The second time I used it it would only cast Blizzard.

The third time I used it, it cast Blizzard twice and then Fire.

I tried adding /wait  and then /wait .5 and up to 2.5 in increments of .5 between the spells with no affect.

I this just clumsy, buggy, bodgy, goofy FFXIV silliness or I am I missing a key line?




  • kaiser3282kaiser3282 Phoenix, AZPosts: 2,759Member Uncommon

    IIRC a macro such as yours works like this:

    When using a macro like this with no "wait" between spells, if a spell is available, it will cast it. If not, it will cast the next in the list. If you press the key again, it checks it again starting with the 1st spell and repeats. It only checks for 1 spell / skill per key press I believe, then deactivates.

    (That is how certain macros, such as applying multiple buffs but being able to stop and not use all of them if needed, work at least.)

    So what is happening is since the spells share the same GCD, they are always both available at the same time, resulting in it repeatedly only using the 1st spell each time you press the key. It just happened to be perfect timing to overlook the 1st and move to the 2nd as the GCD was finishing on a few of your tests and so used Fire.

    Typically adding in a 2-3s wait period between is required for it to actually use multiple spells in succession.

    Try the following and see if it works for you. You may need to try adding a .5 to the wait or even changing it to 3, that is dependant on your spell cast speed:

    /macroicon "Fire"

    /ac "Blizzard"

    /wait 2

    /ac "Fire"


    As a side note, you won't really want to worry about this much as a BLM. There is very little use for macros as a BLM in later fights. Too much movement, relying on procs, precise casting & timing of casts, etc to be able to rely on a macro and be effective. Some buff / debuffs macros work pretty decent, but for your DPS I wouldnt recommend it.

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