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Generation X, Y (only including :Kill) get in here

amx23amx23 orlando, FLPosts: 102Member
I watched all the panels from SOE Live and its clear what type of game they are making. They are re-doing the islands (the future of islands video) to make them more realistic and they are adding a Roland Deschain gunslinger costume (Combat and PvP in landmark) as well as redoing stone, ice and 7 claim per spot. Anyway, the point, is i was recommended by twitter to add "Bilzzard Careers" as to follow and its due to the fact i follow 74 Everquest next and Landmark devs, soe insiders, and landmark players. Anyway, my question is, Do you have faith in this generation? Will they create a WoW 2 or the fact that they probably would have added "mules" to landmark to make it more "realistic" when you are gathering or something...Do they know what realism is when they havent experienced the real world that much? 18 doesnt constitute a man anymore. Personally, if they are going to shun this game and next and guessing by their reactions i dont know what to say. Were talking 10 years down the line. Anyone knows what kind of shit we will be seeing? Has the bond of trust in what constitues a good game has been broken? Will we ever see another game like Everquest that captured people because of people failed to innovate?


  • AlleinAllein Posts: 2,050Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by amx23

    Two questions, is English your first language? Have you been drinking?

  • AeliousAelious OregonPosts: 3,379Member Uncommon
    I do think they got to the "WoW 2.0" graphics before Blizzard did but I don't think that's a bad thing. I have enjoyed many artstyles over the years and though I enjoy both realistic and "stylized" the latter typically has a more vibrant color pallete. SoE also seems to be going for a "fun" feeling with some of the parkour abilities and animations. IMO this isn't a bad thing but I can see why those who prefer more realism would be disapointed.

    Does this make it "not EverQuest"? I don't think that's the case at all. I played EQ as my first MMO then went to EQ2 after. It was the world, lore and connection to the community that made EQ fell like EQ. I wont be able to make the comparison between EQ and EQN in that regard but what SoE is showing and talking about seems like a game changer and that is what EQ did originally. I'm anxious to see if and how they pull that off.
  • alyndalealyndale Posts: 864Member Uncommon


    Not exactly sure word for word what the theme of your post is about, thus some how I'm "feeling" it has a bit to do with making a WoW 2 version game and why hasn't the gaming industry excepted the importance of EverQuest and stayed with the original format when creating a new game such as EQ: Next.

    Anyway, it is still way early here to actually say what EQ Next is or isn't. In honesty is in development phase, which means things can possibly change drastically. What we saw last summer has changed a bit now. They actually did present Landmark and it's evolution to where it is today. I can say that what we saw last week in SoE Live 2014 with EQ Next will eventually evolve and be somewhat to very different next time Terry, Jeff, Darren, and gang decide to give a glimpse of things to come with this mmo.

    As for WoW 2, no EQ Next isn't by a long shot a WoW 2. Blizzard is working in secret on their own game which may or may not be a sort of WoW 2. We obvisiously do not know at this point and may not for a long, long time.

    /rubs chin, anyway I did my best to respond here...image


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