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Gold Saucer (Triple Triad)

within two months of playing this game I went from:

"I hate the global cooldown, slow fighting style and the ungodly boring courier campaign quests" to

"I still don't like the high gcd but I can live with it, I hope the campaign quests get better at 40+, the quite complex skill build for warriors is awesome"

What keeps me on the edge of the chair now is the frickin gold saucer that will come at some point. Someone even mentioned that they think of adding a card game? I LOVE Triple Triad in FFVIII. Just think about dueling NPC's and other players in this minigame within the game. Offering rare cards on the market for horrendous prices. This would add a whole new progression level to the game. Please SE - bring it.




  • SkuallSkuall UnknowPosts: 1,458Member Uncommon
    im sure there will open a card game in the gold saucer patch , i hope is triple triad too loved it :D
  • DakeruDakeru Posts: 1,762Member Uncommon
    Are you guys hyping the game for a feature that isn't coming anytime soon and one that is purely a rumor?

    I have an entitlement delusion - because I have this strange idea that my 50$ should have the same value as anyone else's 50$
    "Your account is not entitled to the same value as a new account. Just saying you are entitled to the same as someone else because you said so is exactly what expresses your entitlement issues."

  • ZenTaoYingYangZenTaoYingYang BahrainPosts: 354Member
    its not a rumor , it has been confirmed in the latest live letter :S
  • FoomerangFoomerang Portland, ORPosts: 5,592Member Uncommon

    Its confirmed that this game is getting a ccg? I'm screwed lol

  • mayankingmayanking south houston, TXPosts: 162Member Uncommon
    will resub for 2.4 just for golden saucer :D 
  • ZenTaoYingYangZenTaoYingYang BahrainPosts: 354Member
    sorry i needed to further explain. they confirmed there will be card game and triple traid but they did not say it will be implemented in 2.4 , rather in the expansion pack ie next year :P
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