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Rewarding Fantasy "grinding" MMORPG

MMOcamMMOcam Jefferson, WIPosts: 6Member

Hello everyone

I just want to find a game that is fun to just go out to hunt monsters for xp and loot while exploring the game. Something that makes the game fun while fighting and exploring (like random monster spawns, events or something else).  A game that gives good rewards for "grinding" vs questing would be ideal. I am looking for a game where doing quest the entire game are not necessary. One of the games I enjoyed was Ragnarok online. It was fun but the items were very bland for as long as I played. A newer game would be nice, or if any knows of one coming out soon that would be good too. 

Features I am looking for:

-Non quest based leveling system

-PvE focused content (PvP on the side would be okay too)

-Nice diversity of classes or many different ways to play your characters.

-More group focused then solo focused

-Fantasy setting

Games I am playing now are Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2. GW2 is good but it is basically best to ignore monsters except for hearts/dynamics events.

Games I liked but just had something missing:

-Ragnarok Online (Nice game but basically never found anything useful while playing)

-Path of Exile (Quest were basically mandatory because of the rewards, same with Marvel Heroes)


  • RaybargRaybarg VaasaPosts: 8Member

    In Wurm Online ( you will grind skills in "percentage based system" from 1 to 100 and there is no limits how many skills you can accumulate, you can try reach 100 in everything.


    Wurm is Sandbox game so players create the world and the stories. Community is strongly merchanting oriented, players providing basic resources/materials or high quality tools/armaments. PvP is an option but most of the islands are full PvE.



  • HuggmuthHuggmuth OlstedPosts: 28Member

    Tera Online

    Great combat system

    Killing oriented

  • grindingamergrindingamer Los Angeles, CAPosts: 65Member

    grinding fantasy mmorpg.

    You get 9 characters to control with 1 being your main. Theres like over 30 mercenaries you can get and mix and match your build. 

    Huge crafting system with over 20 skills that you can train to 140 (huge grind). Join Argos server, its the most populated. 

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