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Recruit a friend and then some~

codekittencodekitten Salisbury, MDPosts: 59Member

Looking for people to play with on the Balmung server~! Now that that's out of the way here is some information about me. I'm a mother of two so I mainly game during the late afternoon or evening hours EST. These times vary from 5am till whenever I decide to go off to sleep (normally 12am or a bit later). Also on a side note I am a officer in a small casual family friendly Free Company (guild) called Rotten Luck. 

Guild website here :

Back to the RaF topic now... more or less I would love more people to play with during the times I am on. So long as you don't mind that I can have hectic days and go afk every so often due to two wee ones. If this is your first time making a FFXIV: ARR account then you can get a special in game item that gives you a bit of a exp boost all the way till level 25. Also at the moment they are having a promotion off a 14 day free trial when you are trying out the game.

Also on the note of things.. I am more then happy to run things with you if you want, I can go as almost any class. Plus on top of that I have all of the crafting professions to 50 so I can try to craft some useful items for you if it's needed. 

RaF Bonuses for you:

Friendship Circlet after you get a sub for 30 days - Increases exp earned by 20% when below level 25.

Now the free trial link is here:

You can play all the way till level 20 (so means you could play through the first three dungeons and be able to get a mount. As well as a few other elements of the game).


For any other questions or information please message me here, or post in the thread. Also feel free to hit me up on Skype at Rosekitten89. Skype may be easier seeing as from what I have heard the RaF code entering process is a bit tricky.. this may be wrong but that is just what I have been hearing form others.


  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Posts: 2,817Member Rare
  • codekittencodekitten Salisbury, MDPosts: 59Member
    oh oops, i'll edit that into the first post as well. Balmung. 
  • cintrikcintrik Hampton, GAPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    I just started downloading the free trial, I'd be interested in RAF. I have a decade of MMO experience, 8 years as a top 100 healer/dps on WoW. I will probably be subscribing this week if I enjoy it. I can DM you my Email if you need it.
  • cintrikcintrik Hampton, GAPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    My play times are between 2PM-1AM EST.
  • codekittencodekitten Salisbury, MDPosts: 59Member

    Oh my im sorry I was so busy today~!


    I would love your email so you can get your exp bonus item ^^ That would be great  actually.  I think our times would work very well :) plus like i said i'll happily help you get levels and gear.

  • SmellyNannerSmellyNanner Metairie, LAPosts: 152Member
    Ouh me, me, me! I work fulltime CST latest until 7PM. Once I'm home I'm on for 4-5 hours. Would defnitely love to give the game a go!
  • codekittencodekitten Salisbury, MDPosts: 59Member

    I need your email address to send you the link so you can get the exp item ^^ (odds are it will be from my husband email seeing as I told the other person before you to send their email to me).


  • FoomerangFoomerang Portland, ORPosts: 5,610Member Uncommon

    Hey I'm on Balmung :)

    (just sayin' hi)

  • codekittencodekitten Salisbury, MDPosts: 59Member
    Well then we should group up sometime ^^ Always willing to group with people from the server rather then get stuck with randoms. <3
  • FoomerangFoomerang Portland, ORPosts: 5,610Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by codekitten
    Well then we should group up sometime ^^ Always willing to group with people from the server rather then get stuck with randoms. <3

    Always happy to meet nice people. My character's name is Coy Rabbit. Say hi sometime :)

  • codekittencodekitten Salisbury, MDPosts: 59Member
    Will do ^^ I'll check if you are on after i get out of Levi extreme 
  • codekittencodekitten Salisbury, MDPosts: 59Member
    sorta updated the front.
  • codekittencodekitten Salisbury, MDPosts: 59Member
    Still looking >->
  • wrxalexwrxalex fort knox, KYPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    So i'm trying to do the 2 week trial but upon registration im not receiving the email confirmation. Can anyone help with this?
  • codekittencodekitten Salisbury, MDPosts: 59Member
    Have you checked your spam folder and everything? There is a chance it is sent there. If you are still not getting the email after trying to resend it from the Mog Station I would try to contact support. 
  • codekittencodekitten Salisbury, MDPosts: 59Member
    you copy and paste that on all the forums? Please go make your own thread trying to recruit instead of trolling others. =/
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