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Damage Incorporated is recruiting!

GileadLothainGileadLothain Stratford, PEPosts: 1Member
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Damage Incorporated

"Live Fast. Die Last."

Who are we?

We are Damage Incorporated a multi-gaming clan that has been around for nearly two years now. We pride ourselves on superior organization and communication skills which allow us to excel in game. 

Why you should join:

To be in one of the most organized and well structured multi-gaming clans on the internet

  • Events/Tournaments with prizes (game prizes,In-game Currency, and more!)
  • Challenges for winning various prizes
  • We help and give training sessions for new players across all our games
  • A place to meet friendly and mature players
  • A organized group environment to play
  • Twitch Streaming
  • Weekly and monthly community events

We are looking for:

  • Players who will be active in our community
  • Friendly and mature players
  • People who can have a laugh and know when to be serious
  • Players who want to learn and are willing to improve themselves
  • Members who can maintain activity on our teamspeak and website


  1. Register at our website:
  2. Fill in this application: http://www.dmg-inc.c...e-incorporated/
  3. Within a maximum of 24 hours we will respond to your application

We will be waiting.

- Damage Incorporated -

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