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New Drop coming to Wildstar!

Lets have a topic that is not about crying about what Wildstar is / lacks  , how it only caters to a few people and such. Carbine actually showed through the strain drop ( which added  quite a few things , like story quests and a new area ( casual -friendly content , anyone ? ) )  , they just announced their  soon to come drop , Sabotage  .  Seems to me that pvper will like this one ... it has bombs :)   

I'd really like to see what those that keep talking about  wildstar having nothing for casual gamers.


  • moguy1moguy1 boca ratan, CTPosts: 94Member
    It sounds like you are just trying to stir the fire in others. My 2 cents
  • Prod1702Prod1702 Waconia, MNPosts: 73Member Uncommon
    Lets stir it.
  • gwei1984gwei1984 ViennaPosts: 409Member Uncommon

    well, look at the official Forums. There are no pvp players left.



    bad miscalculated matchmaking

    non-existant Warplots (people speak of them like seeing the Yeti)

    pvp gear gap is way too huge



    Wildstar pretty fu... up their pvp :(


  • SuperNickSuperNick CambridgePosts: 460Member Uncommon

    Too little too late, Carbine.

    You targeted a minority market and ignored everyone else - now you can live with your hardcore market and hope they bring in money.

  • MoodsorMoodsor HerningPosts: 685Member Uncommon

    Pvp in Wildstar is a joke, theres enough threads already on official forums about why, but they screwed it up from the get-go and werent willing to fix it before most of the pvp crowd left.

    It's doomed to just be an afterthought now in a game that apperently doesn't want casuals/socials to enjoy its group content.

  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Niagara Falls, NYPosts: 3,694Member Uncommon
    I'm just psyched for the Esper mobility updates!! Now I won't have any hesitation about playing my little Chua Esper :).

  • WarlyxWarlyx UnknowPosts: 2,181Member Rare
    no free trials yet? :(
  • azmundaiazmundai St Louis, MOPosts: 1,419Member Uncommon

    Id be excited, but the content from the last patch is still so full of bugs ... that I honestly have no intention of even setting foot in the new BG for a month, and I seriously doubt I will play it for very long and the pvp in this game just sucks anyway.

    I love this game, but ... for industry vets they are making way too many rookie mistakes, that are close to killing it for me.

    LFD tools are great for cramming people into content, but quality > quantity.
    I am, usually on the sandbox .. more "hardcore" side of things, but I also do just want to have fun. So lighten up already :)

  • AeonbladesAeonblades Home, GAPosts: 2,083Member

    PvP is the weakest part of WildStar  (by a long shot, even GW2 arenas are better and those were arguably the worst in the genre before.)


    I'm glad if anyone left heavy into PvP is excited for the update, but I'll be much more excited a few months down the road when the UI problems, bug fixes, and combat mechanics are all tightened up and fixed.


    I don't think Sabotage is going to bring anyone back or into the game just for Sabotage basically, but I do think people would come back if they knew all the bugs and problems at release were fixed, myself included.

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  • strawhat0981strawhat0981 Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,008Member Uncommon
    I would re sub if they optimized the dang thing, It is the single worse problem plaguing this game. You can not have people with a good rig only getting 20fps.

    Originally posted by laokoko
    "if you want to be a game designer, you should sell your house and fund your game. Since if you won't even fund your own game, no one will".

  • ShodanasShodanas PatrasPosts: 1,744Member Rare
    Originally posted by SuperNick
    Too little too late, Carbine. You targeted a minority market and ignored everyone else - now you can live with your hardcore market and hope they bring in money.


    Although WS's raids are top notch and it has real potential to even surpass WoW in the PvE (raid) aspect the rest of the game sadly falls short. PvP is extremely underwhelming and adding new BG's won't change much because it's not a matter of quantity. Crafting is OK and i guess a number of people find a good distraction in housing.

    Raids aside i would rate the rest of the game as mediocre. 

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