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Pictures from Friday night RvR in NNF

SolicfireSolicfire BathPosts: 365Member Uncommon
<p id="id_53cd37fe8b9be6738998599" text_exposed"="">Friday night was all zerg v zerg, bombs and surprises!

Mids owned Eras and Surs so Albs decided to make their way to Mid through Agramon. Mids were waiting for them at one of the Alb Mile gates, though!

Albs survived that and made it through to Mid, where Mids figured they were on the way to Blend and were waiting for them at Blend Outpost. Siege and all came out for this fight!

Action returned to the Alb frontier after that, for more zerg v zerg, and a couple of warlock bombs, as Albs tried to take back their keeps.

Hibs were hanging around the group and solo/small man action in Emain. 













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