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ArcheAge - Post All Beta Requests and Offers in Here

AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon

In forums for many popular games and games with intense demand, we create threads like this so that the main forum can be used for discussion and not be overrun with key request threads.

Please place all beta key offers and requests for ArcheAge in here and keep in mind a few simple rules:

1. There is no trading or selling on this forum. Offers to buy or trade keys isn't allowed under our rules.

2. Please don't spam requests. 


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  • palash2007palash2007 mississauga, ONPosts: 1Member
    looking for a key if anyone has a spare thanks :)
  • IchirokuIchiroku AmsterdamPosts: 16Member Uncommon
    Also looking for a key :). Would really love to try it out :).
  • robthemaniacrobthemaniac Atlanta, GAPosts: 57Member

    Also looking! Please PM Me if you managed to snag an extra <3


    Thanks in advance! Will update if I get a key :)

  • rubydragon5rubydragon5 Queens Village, NYPosts: 626Member Uncommon
    Please PM me a key, thanks

  • danwest58danwest58 Cincinnati, OHPosts: 1,672Member Rare
    I am looking for a key.
  • TalketzantoTalketzanto Posts: 205Member Uncommon
    please make my day! need a key :) plssss
  • SamuraiXIVSamuraiXIV Philadelphia, PAPosts: 354Member
    Looking for a beta key as well, thanks.

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  • EQBallzzEQBallzz Austin, TXPosts: 190Member Uncommon
    I would be interested in a key if anyone has one to spare. 
  • crimsonmid1crimsonmid1 LarissaPosts: 24Member Uncommon
    I would love a beta key. Thanx in advance:)
  • AvanahAvanah Posts: 1,230Member Uncommon

    Would love a Spare key if anyone has one.

    Thank you.

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  • VegrezzVegrezz ShatinPosts: 1Member
    Looking for a key, well appreciated and hope it is not too late :/
  • jagusjagus quebec, QCPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    Looking for a key too, would be awesome!
  • scumukscumuk BristolPosts: 119Member
    Aye I would love one too
  • XorxhsXorxhs XanthiPosts: 38Member

    a key would be awesome!


  • simple0815simple0815 BerlinPosts: 1Member


    I am looking for a key.  .....thank you ...smiles

  • darkness2468darkness2468 manchesterPosts: 44Member Uncommon
    In need of a key would be very grateful cheers.


  • cyberkillcyberkill Las Vegas, NVPosts: 47Member Uncommon
    If anybody has a spare key I am very interested in participating in the beta. Thank you!


  • SajiwolfSajiwolf LeipzigPosts: 1Member
    I would also like to Play Arche Age, love this game :)
  • TBird0TBird0 Rosville, CAPosts: 5Member Uncommon
    would like one
  • IsidiusIsidius Posts: 46Member Uncommon
    If anyone has a spare key lying around I would LOVE to have it, thanks and good day... 
  • chuong253chuong253 Tacoma, WAPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    A key would be most appreciated! Been dying to try this game! 
  • YauchyYauchy Tampa, FLPosts: 298Member Uncommon

    The one unlucky friend to not receive a key...

    Would love one if anyone has a spare :)

  • Miffi89Miffi89 Posts: 38Member Uncommon
    If anyone has any left, would really appreciate it :) thanks!!
  • may00daymay00day LjubljanaPosts: 1Member

    Hey guys :)

    Looking for a key olso. :)

    I'd really like to try this game out but i sadly missed out the giveaway. :/

    TnX in Advance

  • arcanwsarcanws spainPosts: 1Member
    I need a key please. only 1.
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