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Would my computer run it?

calibekcalibek Pittsburgh, PAMember Posts: 158 Uncommon

I was thinking of trying out FFXIV here. played when it was in beta for realm reborn and it was a fun time. At the time i could not justify picking it up because of other issues going on. Now that I have time I was thinking of trying it. My main issue though is will it work on my computer. My computer is almost 7 years old but was top of the line when I had it built. 


Intel core 2 duo


Not sure of the graphics card.


Point is I was thinking of playing it but don't want to get it if I have to severely sacrifice quality (as I did with ESO). Also I am curious to know how the game is now? I loved the concept of being anything anytime, and i have always been in love with the summoner class. Is it incredibly gear driven?



  • BurntCabbageBurntCabbage louisville,KYMember Posts: 452 Uncommon

    just goto ; and select game


  • calibekcalibek Pittsburgh, PAMember Posts: 158 Uncommon

    Are there any free trials or buddy keys for this game?

  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaMember Posts: 11,252 Rare
    I can run it on Core2 duo but for sure you need a Nvidia 8800 card at minimum.However just like FFXI the game runs rather well under bad conditions,i have played under 30 fps all the time yet it played quite well and under 30 frames is considered bad.Example if you played EQ2 back in the day,geesh you could be at 55 fps and drop right off the scale at 1 fps in a split second,SOE is just real bad with optimizing their games.

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  • jdnewelljdnewell Spring Hill, TNMember Posts: 2,139 Uncommon

    Run DxDiag and see what GPU you have.  That will help get a better answer.

    If its a 7+ year old GPU it may "run" it but being playable is another story.  Better to be sure before paying any money.



    Here is a link to the FF benchmark. Run this and see how it does

  • calibekcalibek Pittsburgh, PAMember Posts: 158 Uncommon
    I know for a fact the GPU is not 7 years old. I had to replace it about 4 years back as it just croaked...I want to say it is a NVIDIA GTX 200 family...

  • calibekcalibek Pittsburgh, PAMember Posts: 158 Uncommon
    Thanks for the link. That gave me an idea on how it would work. I ran it on my laptop which is an I5 processor but has integrated graphics and it ran slightly low on standard settings. My machine with a dedicated GPU should be able to handle playing this game no problem.

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