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[Leviathan]Bad Company, Recruiting and/or LF a Merge! New Content, Coil, PVP

ZephyeZephye Dover, ARPosts: 1Member

Hello there! Bad Company is looking for all types of players to join our FC on Leviathan! A lot of our older members have left or taken breaks so we're looking to replenish the company. We're doing new content daily, a few of us are really into front lines, and have an active coil group working on T6 and up. We're laid-back, casual, and have a sense of humor. We currently have a house, we're however about to upgrade and move :D.  We'd love to see some new faces in-game!

Also we have in the past merged an FC with ours and would love to do that again. So if you're FC is struggling, we can talk out the details for merging together! Feel free to whisper Luna Blu or Elysra Kanin in-game.

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