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@New Give WOD Beta Away Check This.

DatAussieDrunkDatAussieDrunk sydneyPosts: 5Member

Just check out


Someone has made 550 accounts and many other people have also, just to get a key. which gives people that are honest and fair really bad odds.



Good luck all.


  • MissVyrisMissVyris PlovdivPosts: 3Member
    I do hope they track the IP of the winners to at least try to avoid giving multiple keys to 1 person. After what happened with the giveaways last time they wouldn't want another scandal on their hands.
  • DatAussieDrunkDatAussieDrunk sydneyPosts: 5Member

    Iv been reading that thread, it seems people are just changing their IP every account that they create. I guess they could atleast try filter out the accounts that look the same or look generic.

  • ThebhoyThebhoy Milton KeynesPosts: 6Member

    I'm sure MMORPG can find a way to filter out all the duplicate accounts, even if its just by number of forums posts etc.

    The below contest rule is there to filter out some of these people as well.

    Winners may be required to provide proof of eligibility (age, name and address). Information will have to match your MMORPG.COM account values as well as a valid ID.

    Good luck to all the legit people, personally I feel more confident I have a chance compared to the "chaos" last week even if it will be 20/1.


  • tawesstawess LkpgPosts: 3,643Member Rare

    actually don´t give a flying rats arse.... If someone is desperate enough to go through all that work... Fine... It is just a beta any way and as long as you are not hoping to scalp a key pr two your self, nothing is lost by them picking up 20-30 keys... After all you will get to play the game anyway.


    It is not like we are talking SDCC Tickets here.

    Tawess gaming

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    This have been a good conversation

  • jendltijendlti Saskatoon, SKPosts: 5Member

    yeah, unless we can summon the angry mob against them


  • jusomdudejusomdude Posts: 2,532Member Uncommon
    Did they make all those accounts just to get 1 key? If he's trying for more he's not gonna make it past the ID part.
  • DatAussieDrunkDatAussieDrunk sydneyPosts: 5Member
    Yeah hopefully the ID part fucks most of them.
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