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Bots/Bugs/Imbalance - Ruining this game...

xxxNemesis4xxxxxxNemesis4xxx QuPosts: 1Member


BEWARE : I am not claiming to be the best, nor that everyone should follow what I think. This is only my opinion and what I experienced during the time I played this game.



Yes, I did buy wildstar. No I didn't subscribe for the second Month. Yes, I bough a C.R.E.E.D for my second month. No, I am not playing anymore. Yes,  I uninstall the game yesterday. No, I don't plan to subscribe to the game in the next 3 months. Yes, I am waiting for the FTP shift(Devs did mention they were ready to go FTP if needed) or for the adventure loot rework/Class balances/Bot detection/Game breaking bugs fixes


After playing the game for the first month and 3 days after the first major patch, this is what I would tell to a friend if he asks me if he should buy this game. I would highly recommend him to wait for at least 3 months. The game is not in a bad shape, but there is a lot of things that can piss your off if you play it right now. So, you best bet is to wait and lets them fix their craps and go take a look in 3 months if the game is in a  better shape, because it isn't worth it right now in my opinion. 


First, People didn't hide it here, it is full of bugs. Anyone telling you there isn't that many bugs is lying. Yes, they are fixing them, but they have for at least 6-10+ months of bugs fixing at the rate they are going right now. Perhaps, it is important to note they didn't go the traditional way with 1 patch every week, so you will always need to wait 1 full month for fixes to come out. They will only release emergency patch to fix things that are really game breaking for the game, but this month proven us Wildstar isn't that good at fixing things, because they tried to fix a adventure with quick fix and they broke it furthermore...  I barely did any adventures in the first month because of all the bugs and doesn't plan to do more. There is less bugs in dungeons, but there is still some that are game breaking. Another things to consider, every classes has many abilities which isn't working properly or isn't working at all, but you won't know it if you don't look on forum or pay close attention. 


Secondly, the main reason why I left this game... BOTS,BOTS and BOTS. It's sad to see how Pc Gaming turned out on the last few years. Yes, bot always existed, but not in the current state it is right now. If you plan to only Quests and run adventure/Dungeon/Raid and play ranked PvP, you won't see any of them. If you want to level your profession, Good Luck gathering your mats against all these bots moving at lighting speed. If you want to do some PvP match alone, Good luck with all the bots running around/Players and Bots afking. Finally, there is also bots farming monsters. Basically, if you want to do anything alone in this game, there will be bots in your way.


Finally, class balance. Actually, this game is exactly in the same state World of Warcraft was when they released their game in 2004 concerning class balance. Some classes are way better than others. Maybe, it won't touch you, but if you want to start raiding(Class Stacking) or PvP competitively... You will soon discover if your class is a weak or a strong one. The good point about it, they already mentioned every class will see some major changes in a attempt to balance them more and bring more Viable Build for both PvP and Raiding, but this will take time.


Your choice now.


  • DistopiaDistopia Baltimore, MDPosts: 20,178Member Epic
    Haven't seen much at all about bugs, accept for IGN's review where they list "bugs" as one of the negatives in the review round up. Other than that most seem to omit such issues.

    For every minute you are angry , you lose 60 seconds of happiness."-Emerson

  • blubstererblubsterer Hamburg, ALPosts: 88Member
    Originally posted by Distopia
    Haven't seen much at all about bugs, accept for IGN's review where they list "bugs" as one of the negatives in the review round up. Other than that most seem to omit such issues.

    If you are interested in the amount of bugs that are present in Wildstar I recommend a "quick" look at

    Around 20 patches in the first month (most of them combined with server restarts/ maintenance downtime) with literally hundreds of fixes (some of them really close to game breaking). And if you read through the comments underneath each post, there are many more waiting to be fixed ...

    Nothing too unusual for a new MMO and they really try to fix things in a timely manner. But nontheless a good indicator for the overall amount of bugs in this game ....

    Personally I was only shocked seeing map hackers warp from ressource node to resoource node. Never thought I would see something like this again in a modern MMO (last time I witnessed map hacks was in Warhammer Online). And a pretty bad sign for overall Code architecture and quality in Wildstar in my opinion ....

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