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Guild Wars 2: Scarlet Briar is Dead T-Shirt Giveaway!

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYAdministrator Posts: 6,056 Rare has partnered with ArenaNet to give away 20 'Scarlet Briar is Dead' Guild Wars 2 t-shirts. All you need to do to enter for a chance to win one of these awesome shirts is tell us about your favorite aspect or experience with the Scarlet Briar story arc. It's that simple!

Post a single entry in the comments below between now and Friday, July 4th. We'll announce our winners on the following Monday, July 7.

Users found to submit multiple entries will be disqualified, so please only post once!


Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB



  • GalariusGalarius Miamisburg, OHMember Posts: 6
    me me me!!! love GW2 my fav was when lions arch was under attack
  • HybridGavaxHybridGavax Sao pauloMember Posts: 5 Uncommon
    cooool, i wantz
  • SunrootSunroot Portland, ORMember Posts: 33
    Did someone say free stuff?
  • nastyjmannastyjman New York, NYMember Posts: 161

    Best part of the Scarlet Briar arc was Clockwork Chaos, which was the main villain's reveal. Also, the Release Page was vandalized the week before its release, which added that mystery.


  • markh777markh777 Rutland, VTMember Posts: 143 Uncommon
    My favorite part was first seeing the Tower and then seeing it again in ruins...truly awe inspiring.
  • TorrmwyreTorrmwyre Wilmington, DEMember Posts: 66 Uncommon
    I like it! Would be a great casual shirt.
  • netsentrynetsentry Mount Vernon, WAMember Posts: 1
    yeah I'd love to have that shirt.

    Web developer with a gaming problem.

  • BootezBootez Yucaipa, CAMember Posts: 57 Uncommon
    I like shirts. :)
  • VolgoreVolgore Member Posts: 3,337 Rare

    It's summertime and i wear a wool sweater.

    Help!! Need a tshirt NOW!!

  • Quaggan777Quaggan777 Williston, NDMember Posts: 3
    One of my favorite parts of LS1 was Clockwork Chaos and the Marionette, I had tons of fun fighting that boss, also, but the one best part was the cinematic after killing Scarlet, it literally gave me goosebumps!
  • PhogoXPhogoX Shaumburg, ILMember Posts: 12 Uncommon
    Clockwork Marionette.  Best boss fight yet.
  • andre369andre369 .Member Posts: 970 Uncommon

    All the gem store sales.


    //Sarcasm off

  • wesjrwesjr Gilbert, AZMember Posts: 408 Uncommon
    The Clockwork was pretty cool.
  • istolethisnameistolethisname fresno, CAMember Posts: 11 Uncommon
    i wanna win a shirt.
  • KanethKaneth Member Posts: 2,124 Uncommon
    My favorite part of LS1 was the Marionette event. It was the perfect blend of coordination and just enough difficulty to make it feel like an accomplishment when we beat it. 
  • DeadsmellDeadsmell Aurora, COMember Posts: 1
    Good Luck Everyone!
  • ChubarChubar Pasco, WAMember Posts: 1
    I personally think the best part of the Scarlet Briar story arc was the discovery in Scarlet's Cave about her plans to unite other unlikely factions and ultimately the drawing of a dragon, which ultimately confirmed that Mordremoth was real.
  • FabiousanFabiousan SMember Posts: 1
    The "best" for me is that I began to play after all events and saw nothing, except Lions Arch destroyed. :(
  • vgamervgamer Texas, IAMember Posts: 195
    US only? Anyway, I'm not sure what to make out of Scarlet's death because I didn't start adventuring until recently. I have heard from the grown-ups that returned from the battlefield that she was very evil. I guess her death is a good thing.
  • Paulolino34Paulolino34 PortoMember Posts: 30 Uncommon

    My Favorite aspect of LS1 was Scarlet her self, her madness and brilliance together, was to me, a very likeable character, Determined to achieve her goals she would everything needed to get to it. *We all liked her even when she destroyed Lions Arch" she kinda has that effect on the player ^^


    My Favorite Experience was the Marionette Fight, the best boss fight i had in GW2 soo far and of course the last cinematic after stomping Scarlet, Her Face in the cinematic is priceless, resumes all that Scarlet is in a single picture, i was speechless and the goosebumps, i had THAT huge smile on my face and then O.O something awoke.


  • SoldorSoldor Toms River, NJMember Posts: 77 Uncommon
    I <3 free stuff
  • ily4eneniily4eneni Bensalem, PAMember Posts: 1
    I would love to add this to my collection <3 Gw2 fan!
  • robsman1robsman1 SHERWOOD PARK, ABMember Posts: 2
    queen jubilee, when that anoying rich guy fell
  • MaastaMaasta Medicine Hat, ABMember Posts: 69

    Need shirt bad!


  • augustgraceaugustgrace Cottonwood, CAMember Posts: 624 Uncommon
    Seeing a game world change before my eyes, and better written npcs.
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