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Sardaukar [US/AD/EST - New Players and Re-Rollers Welcome! Officer Positions Available!]

TurnXTurnX North Sracuse, NYPosts: 138Member Uncommon


"The Sardaukar were an elite military force controlled by the Padishah Emperor during the Corrino Empire. They were renowned and feared throughout the Known Universe for their fanatical fighting abilities." - Dune by Frank Herbert

Sardaukar is a casual, family friendly Aldmeri Dominion guild on the US server. We are currently accepting members of all classes, level ranges, and experience to join us. We have plans to participate in all aspects of ESO including PVE and PVP. Daily/Weekly guild events will be scheduled for all members to attend.

For more information please check out our forums at and if you are interested in joining fill out an application on the Recruitment page. We are also looking for a few highly motivated individuals for officer positions. More information about open positions is available on the guild forums.

AMD FX-4300
8gb DDR 667
Nvidia GTX 770

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