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Inners levelling and casual player.

VoluptificusVoluptificus Sur un nuagePosts: 16Member Uncommon

At second inner, you have to pass some forbidden areas for getting the right to level;I know that you have other ways like purchasing at a npc if you have a rep of 30k minimum or beginning a disciple of a more advanced player or purchasing pages robbed in school stealing...

Not very casual play friendly.Other games have the same drawback like FFXIV.The dungeon finder in AOW is not used by players, you must watch sect, guild and nearby/area chats, waiting for a group to be formed or trying to form one by yourself.

After a while, it's getting to be old.I am now blocked at 2nd inner lvl 18, this is a chore.Majority of players are top level and those trying to catch feel alone and I don't want to beg to my guild.

I feel like being in a dead end :(


  • FdzzaiglFdzzaigl Somewhere in nowherePosts: 2,432Member Uncommon

    You don't want to beg to your guild?

    Mate, that's what guilds are for: helping eachother out. Of course you should ask help from your guild. When I was playing Age of Wulin (the European version), I helped out a million people with their 2nd inner quests.

    Those are pretty easy to do as well. If your guild is any decent they'll get a few veterans together to blast you through Twilight Village and GCC in like half an hour each. So it's not a problem with casual or not either.

    Seriously: ask your guild. If they don't want to help you with a simple task like that, join another.


    A word of warning: the third inner will require far more effort. Just take it easy and practice your skills with your peers, or take the time to craft goods / learn other school's inners to unlock meridians.

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  • GdemamiGdemami Posts: 10,340Member Rare

    You think that is an issue?

    Just wait until you realize how important is your gear :)

    AoW has excellent combat but the rest of the game is atrocious design. It is not casual friendly by a mile... :(

  • CMKnuxCMKnux Age of Wulin DublinPosts: 2Member

    There are three main ways of bringing up the max level of your Sect's 2nd Internal Skill. Keep in mind my terminology here is from Age of Wulin, the European version, so it may not match the version you're playing on.


    First off, you can follow the standard quest lines and complete the required instances. As mentioned above, bugging guildies or Sect members for this is the best way to get things done.

    Secondly, you can exchange Sect Honour Certificates for individual level books. You won't be able to get the level 18-30 book this way, but this method is required for levels 31-36.

    Finally, you can use Key to Breakthrough items. These are items that give you an instant +1 to your max level, to the limit of level 30.


    I hope this helps :)

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